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Shoshannah The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel

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What does the beasts (animals) in the book of Daniel mean?




The Book of Daniel is a book of prophecy. This book is tied and intertwined with the Book of Revelation of the New Testament. It's wonderful to even understand that the Old Testament and the New Testament are convoluted together by God's grace.
There will be a lot of information and details that you will need to remember and understand because history is one of the keys to understanding the fulfilment of prophecies. I can say that 95% of the Book of Daniel has already been fulfilled with evidences from history and historical archaeologies, proven by scientists. 
I will give you lots of materials to understand the timeline and who is who at the end of this course. 
Note: This course will take at least 9 lessons to understand the basics of this Book.
If you are really interested in all 9 lessons,  I will give you a discount.

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The Book of Daniel

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What does the beasts (animals) in the book of Daniel mean?

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