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General Notices from Tutor Lisa D.


Feb 1, 2019

Hello Dear Students!

I have a NEW Lesson pack for you.  It is the Variety Pack.  It is a pack of 10 lessons and you can choose a different 25-minute lesson each time.   Below are the lesson choices with descriptions of each lesson. 
  • Breaking News English (DEFAULT) - We will read an article from breakingnewsenglish.com and discuss the article.  You can choose the article or I can. This lesson works on pronunciation and discussion skills.  
  • Bi-Weekly TED/NEWS/TED-ED Talks (Intermediate and Advanced Students) - This lesson will consist of a video, quiz, listening, discussion.  Each Bi-weekly Lesson will feature a different TED, NEWS, or TED-ED Talk. This lesson features listening, speaking, vocabulary and reading. You will get many forms of English in this lesson.  Please SEE  page for current subjects. 
  • Mini Variety Picture This! - In the variety presentation, I will prepare a presentation of a variety of 4-5 pictures with many different themes. This presentation will give you a quick lesson in vocabulary and discussion. 

  • Random Questions & Discussion - I will send you 3 random questions/topics and you can pick which one we discuss or maybe all 3 if we have time.  We will practice phrases, vocabulary, and the art of conversation. We will work on speaking skills and hold a conversation about different topics.
  • Learn English with NEWS - This is a reading, conversation, and discussion lesson for ADVANCED Students.  We will be reading an article and discussing it.  Articles can be chosen from a variety of sites.  You may choose the article. Please send your choice with your request.  I will choose an article if none is sent with your request.  
  • Would you Rather? or What if? - This lesson is fun and lively. It is designed to help you practice conversation in entertaining and enjoyable ways. Please state Would you Rather or What if in your lesson request. 
"Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor."~William Cowper

Put a little variety in your lessons and try this new lesson pack!

See you soon!!!!!!

Best Wishes, 



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