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Earn 2 NEW 35% off Coupons!

Jun 21, 2019

Hello Students!

Here are 2 ways to earn 2 coupons.   I am giving you a NEW level 3 Breaking News English article and I have created a crossword puzzle AND a Word search puzzle for you to complete.  Complete both puzzles and earn 2 coupons!  It is that easy.  

To EARN the coupon you must complete the following steps:

1.  Read the article.

2. Complete the puzzle with the correct answers. All of the words in the puzzle are in the article. 

3. Send me a message through Cafetalk once you have completed reading the article and completed the puzzle so

I can check your completion and your correct answers.

Once all 3 steps are complete, I will send you a coupon for a lesson of your choice.

Here is the article:  https://breakingnewsenglish.com/1904/190415-star-wars-movie.pdf
Here is the crossword puzzle:   CrosswordHobbyist.com/648771/New-Star-Wars-Movie
Here is the word search puzzle:  MyWordSearch.com/371995/New-Star-Wars-Movie

NOTE:  You may only earn ONE Coupon for the crossword puzzle and ONE Coupon for the Word Search puzzle. 

Best Wishes, 



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