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Ayako S Tutor Interview

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Hi! I am Ayako! I teach English in Cafetalk. After studied in the U.S. for 4 years, I came back to Japan and started my career as an English teacher. Now, I live in Bali and teach English online.

~Her Popular Lessons~
The most popular lesson of mine is a 20-minute free conversation. I offer a 40-minute version of the same lesson, but I guess the shorter one is easier to request for my students.

~What do you keep in mind when you meet a new student?~
Some students seem nervous during our first-time lesson. In those cases, I always have time to self-introduce each other. I do not mind speaking Japanese in the self-intriduction time to make those first-time students feel relaxed. And, after the self-intruduction, our conversation usually goes smooth.

~To Who Worry About Their Pronunciations~
I currently live in Bali, Indonesia. There, many people speak English as their second language. As I talk with them on a daily basis, I started to think that pronunciation is actually not that important in our conversation. The most important thing is your will to communicate with others. So, for who study English, I would say, “Try speaking English a lot, and do not worrying about making mistakes.”

~Do you have any message to your students?~
My students take lots of notes during my lessons, and so do I. I often plan lessons accoring to the information that each of my student tell me. So, I think note-taking is important for me to individualize my lesson for each of my students.
Thank you very much.
I will see you in my lesson!


Ayako S

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