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Kristian Foxall Tutor Interview

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Q. Hi Kristian! Why don’t we start out by having you introduce yourself?

A. Hi! My name's Kristian but everyone calls me Kris. I originally come from England but have been living in Japan for the past nine years. I love it here!

Q. Tell us a bit about where you’re from - it seems like you are from the UK. Where did you grow up?

A. Before coming to Japan, I spent most of my life in the UK. I grew up in a seaside town called Scarborough. It's a really beautiful town and I recommend people to go there in the summer, in the winter it's pretty boring! I also lived in Holland for four years when I was younger, so I'm also able to speak Dutch.

Q. At the moment you live in Japan! Can you tell us a little bit about your life here?

A. As I mentioned before, I have been living in Japan for nine years. For eight of those years I lived in Tokyo. However, I needed somewhere I could relax so I moved to Kanagawa and now I live by the beach with my wife and dog!

Q. What are you usually up to when you’re not teaching on Cafetalk? What are your hobbies and interests?

A. I have three main hobbies. The first is cars. I love cars and I love driving. The second is fashion, it's important to look good! Third, is technology. I like to keep up-to-date with the latest technology news.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit more about your professional background? What got you into teaching, and what motivated you to keep pursuing this career?

A. I became an English teacher back in 2010. I have taught thousands of students in schools around Tokyo. I not only wanted to teach English to my students but also provide a window into my culture. I think it's important to know when and where the language is used rather than just remembering it!

Q. As for teaching the English language, do you employ or recommend any specific study method?

A. The study method depends on the student's needs. For someone who is learning English for business, we could practice a role-play of a situation with which they are having trouble. If someone wants to be able to express their opinions more clearly in general, we can maybe have a structured discussion about a news story.

Q. A lot of students are probably curious about the atmosphere in your lessons. What can a student imagine a lesson with you to be like? What’s your “lesson style”?

A. There are two key points for my lessons. Flexibility and fun! I'm very open to what my students request and try to help them in any way possible. I also want to keep the lessons interesting because you remember much more when you are having fun!

Q. Since you offer a variety of lessons, is there any lesson you can recommend in particular? Or can you give a quick overview which lesson might be good for which type of student?

A. My most popular lesson is "Conversational English". This is a relaxed lesson to have a structured conversation about a certain topic. However, I have lessons for people who want to express their opinions more thoroughly using articles and also for people who are studying English for their career.

Q. Finally, would you like to leave a message for your current and future students?

A. I have had a wonderful time teaching my students so far on Cafetalk and it is great to see their English progress. I love speaking to new people and I hope to speak to many more people in the future! I want to help you all with your English goals!


Kristian Foxall

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