German Live Seminar with Vanessa

Topic: CRIME

The seminars come as a set of two.

They are thematically connected but can be booked individually. ※ The seminar will be held in German.



A) October 29th, 2021 (Friday)

B) November 5th, 2021 (Friday)


13:00 CET / 21:00 JST (about 50 minutes)


1900 Points / per live-stream





* This event is held on ZOOM. Please make sure that your microphone is turned off during the whole seminar.
Lesson material:


※ The lesson material will be uploaded a few days before the seminar so that you can follow the seminar more easily.


✴︎ Topic - CRIME - ✴︎

A) October 29th

1. Vocabulary regarding the topic "crime"

2. Threats in German

3. Filing charges

B) November 5th

1. German's favourite TV show: Tatort

2. Vocabulary: At court

3. Perpetrator description

The seminar is targeted mainly at students on the B1-B2 level (intermediate). Beginners and advanced students can participate - adjusted to their level - to gain new knowledge or to refresh old knowledge.

During the seminar, you will be able to directly practice what you learn since students can participate in the lesson via the chat function and ask questions.

German Live Seminar with Vanessa - CRIME A -


October29(Fri) 21:00~21:50

1,900 points

( 2,090 yen / tax included)

German Live Seminar with Vanessa - CRIME B -


November5(Fri) 21:00~21:50

1,900 points

( 2,090 yen / tax included)

Cafetalk tutor Vanessa.M


Guten Tag! ♪ My name is Vanessa. I am a licensed German Teacher and I've been teaching for 8 years in Germany, Japan and Australia. Seeing that so many people are interested in learning about the German language and culture makes me very happy.

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