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マンゴーの季節[きせつ] キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! イェェェェイ!!!! 芒果的季節 來了━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 耶耶耶耶耶!!!
Published 8 Apr, 2020 | View: 227
今日はインターネットで見つけた笑い話を2つ紹介します。 今天我來介紹在網絡上看到的兩則笑話。 《讀音》今日[きょう]見[み]つけた笑[わら]い話[ばなし]2[ふた]つ紹介[しょうかい]しますーー...
Published 28 Mar, 2020 | View: 252
★漢字的讀音,在文章的下方可以找得到喔 色々な方から誕生日のメッセージをいただいて、ありがたい限りです!コロナウイルスで不穏な世の中ですが、おかげさまで何事もなく、昨日、◯◯歳の誕生日を迎えられま...
簡単そうで意外と間違えやすい「もう」と「まだ」の解説です! 雖然看起來很簡單,卻容易用錯的「もう」和「まだ」的解釋! ※ 意外と間違えやすい:竟然容易搞錯 簡単[かんたん]意外[いがい]間...

General Notices

Hiroto in Taiwan Tutor Profile

Nice to meet you all! My name isHiroto and I am a Japanese resident in Taiwan.

I learned how to write novels and how to teach Japanese at university and have been a Japanese language teacher ever since I graduated from university in 2006.


I've worked in Shanghai for five and a half years and Tokyo for one and a half years, And since 2014, I've been working in Taiwan.

At a language cram school in Taiwan, I was entrusted with the overall supervision of the training for new Japanese language teachers.

I also appear on Taiwanese television as well as teaching Japanese.


In Cafetalk...

(1) Japanese lessons for Chinese-speaking students

(2) Japanese language teaching methods lessons for beginner Japanese language teachers.

are open to all students.

The important elements for lessons are “being BRIGHT, CHEERFUL, andhaving FUN !”

I'd love to help your learning step up to the next level(^_^)

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March 2020 】
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