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may Perfil del(de la) tutor/a

Hello everyone!

I became interested in becoming a Japanese teacher back when I was in high school. After that I completed a Japanese teacher training at university and also passed the official Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. Up until now I’ve had the opportunity to teach Japanese to exchange students and professionals in training at Japanese schools and businesses. Since I became interested as to why the motivation to study fell for some exchange students, I completed a research course on educational psychology at graduate school. I have finished the course, but my challenges continue! How can I, as a tutor, efficiently motivate my students to make progress? This is a question I have been asking myself for years. I am currently working independently as a freelancer and I’m considering to start a PhD program to finally get answers to my question.

<About Myself>

  • I love knowing about the culture, customs, dialects and ways of thinking of different countries and regions.
  • I love listening to music and going to live concerts. Motivated by my favourite artist, I have recently acquired a guitar as well.
  • I love eating. I’m also very interested in trying out new dishes. However, spicy food is not for me...
  • I also enjoy watching movies and reading books. I used to be into romance novels, but recently I prefer mystery and suspense novels - especially those set in hospitals or related to police work. I don’t enjoy horror movies, but Zombies are okay.
  • I love travelling! As far as visiting foreign countries goes I’ve only travelled within Asia. But in Japan I have been to Hokkaido, Kantou, Hokuriku (West Japan), Kansai, Shikoku… and many other places!
  • I also enjoy driving my car while listening to music. When I was younger I used to travel alone, simply sleeping in my car.
  • Together with my husband and dog I live in a town overflowing with nature. However, I really don’t like insects. I really can’t get used to them.

<About My Lessons>

  • I can teach any level from beginners to advanced students, adjusting to each student’s individual needs.
  • My lessons are completely in Japanese but I will adjust my talking speed and vocabulary depending on your level, so please don’t worry!
  • Making the best of the Japanese you already know I will teach you even better words and expressions.
  • Whether you want me to fix your pronunciation, just listen to you talk, give you tips on how to study, help you improve your conversation skills (over pronunciation), are preparing for the JLPT, want homework or read aloud, or even want to become able to understand Japanese news - please feel free to tell me your requests!
  • In my most popular lesson “Let’s Read Japanese” we can read anything from reader letters, news articles or columns - anything is fine. You don’t have to leave the choice up to me either. If there’s anything you’d like to read, please send me the file or URL!
  • If you don’t want to use your webcam, please send me a quick message before booking my lesson.
  • Since it might take me a bit to prepare the materials for your lesson, kindly make sure to request in advance.

I look forward to meeting all of you in my lessons!


【Cafetalk Translation - 7/2017】

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