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Erfahrungsberichte und interessante Geschichten - direkt von den Cafetalk-Tutoren für die Schüler.
こんにちは! アート講師のSachiです。 続々続く「キッズのためのサマーアートレッスン☆セミナーシリーズ!」の第3回目は、野菜ハンコのグッズプリントをしてみました!^^&nbs...
こんにちは! アート講師のSachiです。 「キッズのためのサマーアートレッスン☆セミナーシリーズ!」の第2回目、お祭りのミニチュア屋台でした!^^ ベーシックな屋台の骨組みに、焼きそばやヨーヨーす...


Sachi Ikeda Tutorenprofil

Hello everyone!

I am Sachi. I teach children’s art class in Cafetalk! 

☆ About Myself ☆

I actively involved in art workshops when I was a studio art student at Tokyo University of the Arts.
After I graduated, I have taught art to about 40 children, the youngest from 5 years old to the oldest of 16 years old.

Now I live in France with my partner and work as an art teacher and a freelance illustrator.

As I have studied in the U.K. as an exchange student, I can communicate with you in English. In addition, I am currently learning French. Thus, I enjoy having art lessons with English and French-speaking students. 

☆ What is Art in the First Place? ☆

Have you ever thought of this question before? This is what I have been working on throughout my life.

I’ve always wanted more people to think about what the ART is!!

(☝︎Me with my friends, hosting an art workshop in Asakusa, Japan)

For example, how do you define “the artist?”

Someone who can draw super realistic paintings?
Or, someone who received so many awards for his/her creativity?

Those could be right.

But, I believe art is much more than those! 

(☝︎Self-portrait collage, which my former students made)

My definition of art is, depicting your own thoughts and feelings right away, like the footsteps you leave on the shore.

So, I do believe art does not have to be perfect, and nobody can truly compare their artworks to somebody else’s.

Any artwork you make is unique and thus precious – even Picasso cannot draw the line that you draw on the canvas!!

☆ What Happens in My Art Lesson? ☆

In my children’s art lesson, I enjoy seeing my students being just who they are by drawing and crafting. And, I am there to help my students to enjoy expressing themselves by making works of art.

I first talk to each student to get to know him/her as an individual. What he/she feels and thinks? Which shapes, colors, characters and songs does he/she like?

After hearing what my student like, I give some suggestions about which craft he/she may be interested in making.

There are often times when children come up with some creative ideas, which are so unique that even their parents could never anticipate.

It is my role to make such great ideas tangible!

☆ Applicable Students ☆

5 ~ 12-year-old children would enjoy my lesson the most.
(However, I can teach secondary school students too!)

I used to teach a private group art lesson to children. But, I am excited to teach in Cafetalk as well. I can spend more time and pay attention to one student, thus I am positive that I can provide the best plan for each individual whom I teach. So, please feel free to message me! I am happy to consult with you and your children!

☆ Please Note - Before You Sign up for My Lessons ☆

Some classes like “Craft with Found Objects!” and “How to Draw (something)” are just for the warm-up.

If a student decides to take my lessons regularly, those lessons will be all customized for each individual.

Such customized lessons would require students to think a lot by themselves. As they have to come up with their own plans to meet what they want to create, it will require them lots or responsibility. But, those lessons would also be a wonderful experience for any art and craft lovers! I will do my very best to support their creative activity.

Also, this is for the parents. Please sit beside your children when they take my online lesson. I ask this mostly for the safety reason. I cannot always catch what my students are doing with knives and scissors behind the screen.

☆ Lastly… ☆

Either you are a small child or a grown-up adult, if you are interested in my lessons, please feel free to message me!

Through my art lessons, I hope everyone to have fun, be satisfied, and feel happier. Thank you for reading my profile all the way through!!
I hope to see you soon in my lesson! ;)


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