Cafetalk Awards 2022 (Frühling/Sommer)

January - June 2022 Cafetalk Special Event

Thank you for learning with us and our amazing Tutors this Spring/Summer 2022!

In many parts of the world there has been a return to a well-missed and sometimes a new kind of normal life. But the past few years definitely changed many of us, and they also changed the way in which many people view online communication and online learning. While it surely doesn't replace in-person connections, we are grateful that Cafetalk has become a way for more and more students and teachers to bridge distances, connect, study and practice together!
As we are finishing up the first half of 2022, we would like to say Thank You! from the whole Cafetalk team to all of our students and tutors! ♥

Without further ado, we are ready to open up the polls to choose the most popular lessons & tutors of the first half of 2022☆★

Vote for a favorite lesson that you’ve been taking on a regular basis, or let the world know about a new rising star you’ve discovered. Make sure to support the tutors you think deserve some recognition for all their hard work!

Voting is Closed

♬Point Present Lottery:

Out of all eager voters we will randomly draw

20 winners who will each receive a 2022 point present

to use for any lesson of their choice! So go ahead, make our servers burn, and cast your votes!

*Each vote you cast equals one entry into the draw. The more often you vote, the higher your chance to win that 2022 point present!

*The winners will each receive an extra 2022 points on top of their existing points. The presented points will have a validity of 1 month.

Voter comments will be selected at random and featured on the awards page as well as displayed on the tutor's profile.
Please let us and the world know what you think about your favorite lessons and tutors!

*Leaving a comment when casting your vote is optional but highly encouraged.

Awards will be given across all categories available on Cafetalk. You can vote for lessons of any category!You can nominate language tutors for one of the following categories:

  • ① Most Fun
  • ② Great with Kids
  • ③ Great material / Lesson plans
  • ④ Great conversationalist

On top of these categories, the Grand Prize will be given to tutors with the most votes and best comments, and the Newcomer Award will be given to several new language tutors.

For all other categories, several tutors will receive awards among the following categories:

  • ① Music
  • ② Dance & Ballet
  • ③ Yoga/Fitness/Sports
  • ④ Academic Tutors
  • ⑤ Hobby
  • ⑥ Other

In addition to the vote-based awards there will be new awards this time, which are based not on student votes but on data accumulated over the past 6 months. The new data-based award categories are:

  • ① Seminar Award
  • ② Repeater Award
  • ③ Online Standby Award and
  • ④ Tutor Column Award.

We look forward to sharing the winners in these categories with you at the end of the voting period as well!

Voting Period: Juni (Donnerstag)~ Jun 26 (Sonntag)


  • タイ文字をマスターしましょう

    まりこ老師很友善親切,一開始先確認了我對於日語或英語輔助上課的理解能力,並簡單介紹了老師所教授的各項課程內容後,便帶我初步的學了一些簡單的泰文招呼用語以及字母規則,並一句一句練習發音,過程中老師也會適時鼓勵學生,整個上課氣氛很輕鬆~ 老師的講義很淺顯易懂,而且有附上很多可愛的插圖輔助,課後老師還有準備作業,真的很用心! 想要學習泰文的話,不妨可以試試~

    Mari S
    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 14:49
  • ウクレレがもっと楽しくなる!50分コース


    ***ymag1965 | Dienstag, 5. Juli 2022, 11:14
  • 【韓国語フリートーキング】20分X4回 / 300円OFF


    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 15:03
  • ★バタフライ・ハグ(タッピング)と癒しの音楽 ~自分を抱きしめて自身のストレスに気づこう~


    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 15:32
  • Short Conversation Pack

    老師很親切健談,上課時總是面帶笑容的鼓勵我盡量表達,讓我在開口說英文的過程中漸漸地不那麼緊張。上課過程中老師會透過一些問題引導對話的進行,老師總是很有耐心地聽我說的內容,對話過程中也會給予很棒的分享與回饋,課堂氣氛很輕鬆愉快~! 課後feedback老師也有對於課堂上的表現給予一些意見。 推薦給想要在輕鬆的氛圍練習英文會話的同學~

    Phillip Knott
    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 14:45
  • ノビノビ、伸びる韓国語『初級』

    JOYJOY老師很溫柔和善,上課時會使用自製的教材,裡面包含主題相關的單字和文法,以及大量的例句與練習題,內容很充實,老師也很有耐心地一步一步帶我學習,並且做了許多會話練習,收穫很多~!! 推薦給想從基礎開始學習韓文的學生~

    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 15:23
  • 【ボーカル】楽しく歌うためのボーカルレッスン50分


    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 15:29
  • 初回カウンセリング

    老師很溫柔和善,整個上課過程氣氛很輕鬆,老師會簡單了解一下學生的背景還有韓文的學習目標,而針對課程內容有疑問或是想知道的地方,老師也都很有耐心地跟學生解釋,並且會使用實際的上課教材來說明上課的模式。 老師針對我的韓文程度,用了自製的教材讓我當場練習,過程中老師給予很多鼓勵,覺得很溫暖XD 推薦如果對於課程選擇上還在猶豫的學生,可以先預約試聽課程跟老師輕鬆地聊聊看~

    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 15:26
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2


    Masatomo Takaoka
    ***ck_lin | Dienstag, 28. Juni 2022, 15:06

Award Details

Cast your vote for a lesson you took during the first half of 2022 which you think is worthy of any or one specific award. You can also vote for lesson packs!

Winner Announcement

June 30 (Thu), 2022 (Until 5pm JST *planned)

Selection Method

The winner will be selected based on a scoring method that takes into account the number of student votes, lessons completed, and feedback received within the past 6 months. You can also nominate language tutors for an award category if you like!

Voting is Closed

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