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Erfahrungsberichte und interessante Geschichten - direkt von den Cafetalk-Tutoren für die Schüler.
英語で歌いたいクリスマスソングは何ですか?動画を作ろうかなと思っているのですがやりたいのがたくさんありすぎて困っています笑 コメント欄に書いてくださーい!We wish a merry C...
Published 17 Oct, 2019 | View: 212
英会話のレッスンで最近はこの話題になることもありそうですね。sales tax とも言うようですが、ぜひconsumption tax も練習してみてくださいね。
Published 30 Sep, 2019 | View: 187
Published 19 Sep, 2019 | View: 219
Published 12 Sep, 2019 | View: 199


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Most of my lessons provide guidance on correct pronunciation and reading aloud.

You might hear a lot of comments like: 

"There are a lot of books on the market about how to correct your pronunciation, but even if I practice with those, there's nobody to check, so I don't know if I'm doing it right"

"If learn from a native English speaker, the explanations are in English, so it's hard for me to ask detailed questions"

Of course, in order to master useful English it's important to practice having conversations and to study grammar. On top of that, if you can understand correct pronunciation, it'll become even more fun!

Outside of Cafetalk, I have been have been teaching private and group pronunciation classes for about 9 years. All of my students want to study pronunciation for different reasons. For example, some have to give presentations in English, some want to sing English songs well at karaoke, some are going to another school that doesn't teach pronunciation, or some even do it as a hobby!

Take this chance to study English pronunciation while comparing it to Japanese pronunciation! I have never lived overseas for a long time, nor do I have any study abroad experience. However, if you learn some tricks, you can definitely gain clear pronunciation! If you don't know where to start, please try a trial lesson.

In these lessons you will practice American English
In order for your to gain a solid understanding of sound, I will provide explanations in Japanese.

I also update my column every now and then, so please read it if you have the chance♪

※Minors who wish to attend these lessons must obtain permission from their guardians and we will only begin after consent has been confirmed
※Lessons for kids are possible, however, the textbook is geared towards adults so it may not be the most suitable class for small children. Please consult with me.  

English Translation: 7/25/2014 - The Cafetalk team 

Featured Interview

Q. Meg先生こんにちは!まずは普段の生活について教えてください。趣味や、今はまっている物はありますか? A. Megです。よろしくお願いします。私は北海道に住んでいるのですが残念ながらウィンタースポーツは苦手です。そのかわり暖かい部屋で編み物をするのが大好きです。あとは映画を見たり、音楽を聴いたり…と書くとインドア派な感じがしますが、外に出かけるのも大好きですよ。動物が好きなんですが、最近で一番の出会いはアルパカです(笑) Q. プロフィールに『海外での長期滞在や留学経験はありません』…とありますが、先生のレッスンのメインであり、はっ!とするようなキレイな発音はどこで、どのように身につけたのでしょうか? A. 一番の理由は20代後半で転職をし英会話スクールの講師になったことです。そこで色々トレーニングを受けました。でもそもそも英語に興味を持ったきっかけはというと、セサミストリートなん...

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