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こんにちは、英語・スウェーデン語講師のKei S-Schönbergです。 この度、9月1日(日曜日)19.30-22.00まで、レッスン枠を設けましたので、ぜひご利用くださいませ。スウ...
Published 28 Aug, 2019 | View: 104
This is not the earliest childhood memory, however, it is certainly one of the warmest memories of ...
みなさまこんにちは!英語・スウェーデン語講師のKei S-Schönbergです。この度私の講師プロフィールに講師インタビューが掲載されました。とてもうれしいです。私のレッスンのより詳しい...


Kei S-Schönberg Perfil del(de la) tutor/a

Hello!/Hej hej! /こんにちは!

My name is Kei S-Schönberg. Thank you for visiting my profile page!

At Cafetalk, I enjoy teaching JapaneseEnglish and Swedish.
The more you learn those languages, the more you will find the beauty in Swedish and English cultures, histories, and languages!

Here is a short introduction of myself; I am really friendly, and you will find me quite easy to talk to. I love telling stories to children. Being thoughtful, I always think how I can help my students better by putting myself in their shoes.

About my English language certificates, I have marked the score of 910 in TOEIC and have passed the Eiken pre-1 test. Also, I used to teach English to International students from Asian countries in both online and offline settings in Sweden.

Talking about my career, I have worked as a Japanese English translator in two big car companies, Volvo and Nederlands Car, in Europe for two years. I translated many important documents and insurance policies for them. 

After I came back to Japan, I translated for the patent office. So if you are interested in becoming a translator, I am happy to talk with you! 

I am also skilled in business correspondence. For those of you feeling stressed by communicating via English emails, I offer a specialized lesson. So please check that out as well!

1. About my English Lessons

Let’s study English with me in a fun atmosphere! I would like to talk with my students a lot during my lessons. From the starters to the advanced learners of English, I can tailor my lesson to meet your needs. For example, we can have a fun conversation in English, or can study reading comprehension and grammar in my lesson.

Especially for those English beginners who are not yet fluent, I would like you to try your best to speak up. Do not be shy! There is nothing to be scared of when you talk in English! I will use Japanese when it is needed, and I will not make you rush during my lesson.

If you are too shy to turn on your camera during our Skype lesson, that is fine with me! Though, in that case, please do let me know that you are not planning on turning on your camera when you request the lesson.

Also, for those who have small children, you can have your child sit on your lap during my lesson. Even if your child starts to cry or starts to make noises, that is totally fine with me! You can learn Japanese, English or English conversation even when you are taking care of your child. I think nothing should constrain your will to learn something that you are passionate about. :)

2. My Swedish Lesson

I finished my college and started my family in Sweden. I have worked as a system analyst at Ericsson and also at the head quarter of Volvo. Of course, I spoke Swedish all the time in order to communicate with people around me.

I am happy to guide you though your Swedish learning. When you feel Swedish is difficult, I can encourage you to take one more step. I would like to support every single student of mine by giving the right words and feedback to each individual.

☆I Opened New Swedish Lessons!

I graduated from University of Gothenburg with a Master degree in History. After that, I studied Information Science at Växjö University and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science.

I also represented Rotary international at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm, where the King and the Queen of Sweden attended.

I can teach you Swedish using Japanese, or sometimes using English if needed. I can customize my lesson to meet each individual student’s needs and wants.

As I grew up in a multilingual environment, where I spoke English, French, and Swedish, I understand the points which Japanese speakers may feel confused when they study those languages.

As Swedish has its unique prosody, I know how hard it can be for non-native speakers to learn Swedish. I teach pronunciation and grammar slowly and patiently. Also, I can teach you some basic grammar that you need to know when you create a sentence, or I can teach you the word order in Swedish, which is somewhat unique compared to other languages.

☆Read aloud in Swedish!

Would you like to try out reading “The Little Prince” written by Saint-Exupéry in Swedish? This practice will allow you to learn Swedish intonation, new words, and grammar. Take this lesson for fun, and you will be surprised how much your Swedish improves!


I am happy to help any students who are eager to learn Swedish or English, those such beautiful languages. No matter how young or old you are, and no matter your language skills, I am excited to help you and get to know you in my lessons!

Also, please leave comments on skype if you find yourself in any trouble after the lesson. I will do my best to solve your problems and questions. (But, please do not ask me to do your English homework!! Do it by yourself!)

I am excited to see your improvement in speaking English or Swedish, and I am happy to support you in my lessons.

See you soon!!

Kei S-Schönberg

 If none of my time slots matches to your schedule, please send me a message. I will do my best to accommodate my schedule for you.





【 Cafetalk Translation / November 2018 】


Q. Kei S-Schöberg先生、こんにちは!まずは簡単に自己紹介をして頂けますか? A. みなさまこんにちは! 英語・スウェーデン語講師のケイ・シェンベリと申します。私の家族にはいろいろな国の人がいます。日本はもちろんですが、私の父はアメリカ移民であり、私にはフィンランドの血も入っています。長くヨーロッパで暮らしました。学校と会社の都合でフランス・イギリス・スウェーデン・オランダと各国を転勤しました。特にオランダ・マーストリヒトは道を間違えて5分すると、使用言語が2つも3つも変わるので、言語に関しましては随分鍛えられたと思います。 イギリス・ホームステイ先のすぐそばにあるTynemouth城址 Q. 出身地についてお伺いします!先生が育った街について教えてください! A. 私は神戸で育ちました。クラッシックなインターナショナル・コースの併設された学校で3歳から過ごしました。ヨーロ...

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