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Yukie.W Tutor Profile

I teach Japanese to Filipino students in elementary and lower secondary school and interpret for their parents.

If you are interested in learning Japanese, let's study together! We start learning items around you, greeting, introducing yourself, and simple conversations in Japanese! It's fun to talk in Japanese. You will also be much closer to Japanese if you can speak Japanese.

I'm also looking forward to learning with people who are interested in Tagalog. Filipinos are very friendly, so if you can talk in Tagalog, you can get along better.

As you learn Japanese or Tagalog, you will be able to feel that you understand them better than before! Let me help you continue to take those steps!

I am looking forward to meeting people who are interested in Tagalog and Japanese.

Main lessons
〇Lessons following the textbook
(Corresponding text/
in Japanese lessons...Minna no Nihongo for beginners,
in Tagalog lessons...Hajimete no Philippine-go, Mazuwa Koredake Philippine-go)
Please let me know if you have any other texts you'd like to use.
〇Free talk while learning grammar.
Free talk on various topics.
Other lesson styles than the above are also fine. Let's decide the content of the lessons first in a counseling lesson.

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