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k-izu Tutor Profile

Hello, I'm "k - izu.” I offer you Japanese lessons!

◆ Here are my lesson contents for Japanese learners:

③ 【 Japanese Lessons for Children】 (25 minutes 700p)

⑤【Correction of Japanese, advice 】Application documents, interview documents, etc. Only corrections of various sentences 】( 50m.1800p)

⑥【Clean up your things and clear your mind】(30m.1000p)


About me:
◆ I like talking to people, and I like trying out a lot of new things.

You might have learned Japanese when you live outside of Japan. And, I think, some of you may currently be living in Japan, and are facing with many challenges in communication on a daily basis. I understand how hard it is to explain thoughts in your non-native language.

Have you ever wished to communicate more actively in Japanese? If that is a case, you can practice your Japanese with me! I am here to help you:

◆ I will share the PDF texts on the screen and explain it to you with a concrete example so that the ideas will become easier for you to understand.

I will also have a counseling with you to hear your wishes and goals and to give you further study advice.

◆ When I was a university student, I taught Japanese to students of a second immigrant generation at an American school in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

◆ When I worked as an airport hostess at Haneda Airport, I was able to help many foreigners with Japanese.

Since I got married, I taught Japanese through many international events held in the area where I lived.

I would like to offer you lessons that will improve your Japanese conversation skill, which will even make you start enjoying talking with Japanese natives!

◆ To those who are suffering from organizing storage

(Those who are thinking about improving the level of Japanese can also take courses)

When things clean up, my mind is clean! !

Are there any problems for you all

· The things are overflowing in the house, so it's hard to find out

· Clothes and miscellaneous goods, etc. I do not need it, I will buy it

· I want a space that can be relaxed by reviewing storage

◆ With the basic idea, I will also inform you of the tips for organizing storage that suits you.

◆ Nursing care facilities, home courses, public hall courses are regularly held.


◆ If any of my lesson time slots do not match your free time, please let me know! I can adjust my schedule for you.

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  • Between 1-12hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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