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EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Clase 準1級
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Hello. Nice to meet you, everyone. I'm very glad to meet this wonderful website called "Cafe Talk." I've loved the English language since I started learning English at junior high school. English is nowdays a world-wide language. If you can speak English you can comminicate with a lot more people from different countries and broaden your point of views. 

With the progress of the Internet, language exchange (teaching your mother tongue to foreign people, mostly English speakers, while learning English from them ) is not very difficult. However, I often hear it's difficult for many English learners in Japan to improve their English because they don't have many chances to speak English in daily life. I'd be happy if I could help you improve your English if you are in that situation.

It's fun to communicate with people from different countries!! Especially, people who learn Japanese are cheerful and friendly. The Japanese language is a difficult language with extensive vocabulary, but it's a very beautiful and expressive language. I noticed it when I spoke with my foreign friends who study Japanese. I'd be happy if I could help foreign people who love the Japanese language and Japanese culture. Let's study Japanese together.

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