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The english language is vast and keeps expanding every time, there are words in english that do not...
Published 31 Aug, 2019 | View: 178
My earliest childhood memory was when my brother was born, my dad and i went to the hospital to bri...
Published 26 Aug, 2019 | View: 144
" FAILURE TO PLAN IS PREPARING TO FAIL"MY Life motto is "failure to prepare is preparing to fail" i...
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A hero is a person who you admire for their outstanding performance, courage and achievement I have...
If I had magical powers, my first  and only mission would be, to eradicate suffering. so every...


My name is Olivia, an online ESL tutor, I Have been teaching English for about 3+ years now, I have been opportune to meet students of different age groups and backgrounds, and as I taught them I also learned a great deal from them. So if you are looking for a skillful and gifted tutor. I am here for you, and I encourage you to enroll in my classes. 

Learning something new no matter what it is can be challenging, but it becomes easier if you have someone to help you through the process, and your willingness to push through. I have prepared varied classes to help in all aspect of English. be you a beginner or proficient speaker, there is something I have got for you. and all you have to do is to book a class with me, let's ride this roller coaster together and hopefully, it will be more of a peaceful and nice trip.

MY Teaching style 
 I love teaching in a friendly and calm environment, where I promote learning through listening, discussions, and empowerment. I believe each student is unique, so my style solely depends on what I think will help my student.

MY lessons, 
I am offering English lessons either as structured or conversational lessons, our lessons can be tailored, to your requirements, based on your level and goals.

My lessons make use of lots of different materials, such as videos, audio recordings, articles, and textbooks, so we can build all your skills. 

I have experience teaching adults and kids, and I do this with passion, love and patient, having in mind that people learn differently and at a different pace, so don't you worry I will do everything in my power to help you achieve fluency in English.


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