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Published 19 Jan, 2020 | View: 240
Published 2 Jan, 2020 | View: 269
こんにちは!您好!早速なんですが、今回レッスンにあたり新しいシステムを導入した事をお知らせします☆※ レッスン項目で教材使用(相談可)にしているのには、事前にレッスン予約して頂くと同時にどのような内...



Thank you for visiting my page. I have lived in Inner Mongolia, China since 2016.

〇Good Points of My Japanese Lessons
・I can teach and explain in Chinese when you do not understand.

・If you do not have your own text, I can send a text to you in Skype before a lesson starts! (I will send it on the day before the lesson or on the day of the lesson)

・You can take lessons of “Minna no Nihongo”

・I offer lessons focusing on practicing a lot of conversation. 

I also offer Chinese lessons.

・I offer lessons of Chinesepronunciationthat is the most important to learn Chinese!
・I teach you a different phrase for each situation.
・If you want to learn Chinese through texts・・・If you tell me what you want to learn (e.g. phrases in a certain situation) in booking a lesson, I will send you a text according to your request in Skype on the day before the lesson or the day of the lesson!

About Me ★

I have experienced teaching Japanese to Chinese students. I also have taught Japanese conversation lessons to Chinese students before they went to study in Japan!

I also learned Chinese by myself! I would like to tell you how I learned Chinese!

I am often told that I am kind!

I am a cheerful person and I love talking with people!



I am looking forward to seeing you in a lesson!

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