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Published 12 Aug, 2020 | View: 27
日本は暑い日が続いています!!うだるような暑さです(@-@)でも星を見るにはいい天気かも(笑) 今夜は夏の定番天文現象「ペルセウス座流星群」8月12~13日を中心に、活発な活動が見られるらしい♬ ...
【朝雨女の腕まくり】読み方は「あさあめ おんなの うでまくり」意味は朝に降る雨はすぐにやんでしまうことが多く、女性が腕まくりして腕力がない。それらのことから、朝雨も女の腕まくりも大したことがない、大...
Published 9 Aug, 2020 | View: 27
  【朝 飯 前】  読み方は「あさ めし まえ」  意味は   1 朝食をとる前。   2 朝食をとる前のわずかな時間でできるような、たやすいこと。また、そ...
Published 9 Aug, 2020 | View: 24
  8月9日は長崎県に原爆が落とされた日・・・  戦争の悲しい歴史に  人類はもっと学ばなけばいけません。。。    戦争は、どんなことがあっても起こしてはならない。  今日は「アンネ」です。。。 ...
Published 8 Aug, 2020 | View: 34
  昨日もコラムに書かせて頂きましたが  昨日は第17回 おとなの朗読会の5日目  無事に終了して(´▽`) ホッと一息♬  今月はあと2回です(^^)  言葉で感動をお伝えできる幸せを...

Hi, my name is Aoba Miyoko.

I have wanted to be a voice actor since I was in elementary school, so I have been studying theater.
I was dubbing for Yume ga Kanai, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Sally the Witch, Fist of the North Star and other anime and Western films.

I am now holding a reading class to help people understand the beauty of the Japanese language. We also hold "reading sessions" twice a year.
For more information, you can search for "Miyoko Aoba," it will bring me up.
You can also find it here:

Would you like to learn proper pronunciation and vocalization while having a fun conversation?
Few advises can change your reading voice and improve it.
Please feel free to ask me anything.

I also love to travel, I go abroad once or twice a year.
Let's exchange about Japan's culture and your country's culture while practicing Japanese !
For people who live in Japan, people who plan to come to Japan, people interested in Japan, people who want to try to speak Japanese, please feel free to contact me.
I will be waiting for your messages !
I look forward to here about you.

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