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(2016. 6. 2. 추가된내용) 여러분!!! 아이폰에서이코노미스트무료로보는방법찾았어요!!! (덩실덩실) 감사한구독자님께서디엠으로제보해주셨습니다 :)  앱스토어에 ...
Published 3 Oct, 2019 | View: 41
“Shadowing is a language learning technique developed by the American Professor Alexander Arg...
Published 3 Oct, 2019 | View: 52
“Shadowing is a language learning technique developed by the American Professor Alexander Arg...
“Shadowing is a language learning technique developed by the American Professor Alexander Arg...
"나는영어슈퍼대마왕이아니지만 [...]" ❊❊❊ 언어학습니다! ❊❊❊

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Yvette Tutor Profile

Greetings! My name is Yvette and I live on the East Coast of the United States. I am quite fond of languages, particularly my own native English. Let's explore this world language together!

The following pictures show me sitting in my home library :) Reading is an activity that I absolutely enjoy. I also spend a great deal of time writing poetry and studying foreign languages.


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges many of us face in foreign language acquisition is articulating our thoughts with fluency and coherence. Yet such a challenge should not cast a negative shadow on the learning process. I do not subscribe to the belief that reaching fluency in foreign languages is “awfully difficult,” “terribly complicated,” “such a struggle,” or other counterproductive characterizations. All languages are inherently complex. It is what lends them their beauty and accessibility.

The study of languages is a fascinating and rewarding experience. As your tutor and coach, I will help you flex your verbal skills, expand your vocabulary base, and facilitate the transition from passive vocabulary to active output. I will encourage and support you every step of the way.

In conversation lessons we explore a myriad of topics. Additional lessons include language drills, communication techniques, tons of reading and audio materials that we examine and build discussions around.

Let's talk! Let's work together on consolidating and solidifying the knowledge you already possess. And let's amass new knowledge in the process. 

Learning a language is as easy as you allow it to be. More importantly, it can be a fun and fruitful adventure.

➤ Update: 2019.09.25: Due to technical difficulties, I am unable to use the webcam.


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