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Matthew Hillian Tutor Profile


Hello! I’m Matthew, welcome to my CafeTalk profile, and thank you for your interest in my lessons.

I would love to help you improve your English skills!
My Teaching Style 

I enjoy teaching in a casual and relaxed way and use grammar points and interesting themes to create interesting lessons.

I can teach from beginner to advanced, and really love having interesting conversations.

I always make detailed lesson notes and will send them to you after the lesson so that you can review what we learned together.
My Recommendation

I recommend for all new students to take a 15-minute counseling lesson. This way we can make a plan to learn together and can find out the best learning style for you!

If you would like to do a free conversation lesson, of course, that is fine as well!
About Me 

I am originally from Victoria, Canada, and have been teaching English in Japan for over 4 years.
Teaching Experience and Qualifications

Currently, I teach at two adult English schools in Tokyo in one-to-one lessons. I have been teaching adults for over 2 years, from casual conversation to business situations, to travel, shopping, grammar, and many other topics!

Before, I taught English to children, and I really enjoy meeting students of all ages, from beginners to advanced. 

I graduated with a BA in Asian and Pacific Studies from the University of Victoria.

I have also completed the TESOL Teacher Training Certification Course from Oxford Seminars.

Hobbies and Interests 

I love movies and music, and also creating films and making original songs. I'm very interested in filmmaking and cameras and also write screenplays and stories in my free time.

I have filmed many short films with my friends and actors who I met in Tokyo. Next, I want to make more documentaries and share interesting and important stories that I find.

Since I was in University I have been interested in studying Japanese. 

I understand that learning another language is difficult, so let's do our best to learn together! 

This is me (left) and my friend at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. One of my favorite movies was filmed here! 

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