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Published 17 Jul, 2018 | View: 1537
こんにちは^ ^7月28日は水瓶座満月(皆既月食)です。 満月は今までやってきたことに結果が出る時です。 「手放し」「ゆるめる」「感謝」をするタイミングです。今回の満月は火星とコ...
Published 3 Jul, 2018 | View: 1191
こんばんは^ ^今日の朝にオーストラリアに着きました。私のホロスコープでは星読みをするのに一番適している国はオーストラリアのアデレードと以前、星読みした時に知りました。私が住む場所もアデレードなんで...
こんばんは(^ ^) 日付は変わりましたが 6月20日 海王星の逆行が始まりました。     大阪は今日の朝は大雨警報が出ていましたね。 海王星の影響もあるのかな...
Published 29 Apr, 2018 | View: 1439
    こんにちは!(^^)!    4月30日は 蠍座満月です。      皆さん女性は月のリズ...
こんにちは(^-^)皆さんは「朝型・夜型」をどのように表現するかご存じですか?例えば私は夜型です。と表現したい時I am a night owl.これが朝型の場合I am a early bird....



Thank you for taking a look at my profile.

Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself (*^_^*)

I was born in Yokohama and studied Beauty at college (a two year aesthetics course and an Aroma course). After graduation I worked at the spa of a famous hotel from Paris in Tokyo and Kobe.

After a while I decided I wanted to get to know a new world and quit my job. I went to Australia on a working holiday visa and worked as a massage therapist in Melbourne. My clients were mostly locals as well as some Japanese people living in Melbourne.

While living in Melbourne I became interested in Western Astrology and started studying it with an English book. After going back to Japan, I seriously started to study Astrology and Astronomy. While studying astrology I became familiar with fortune-telling cards from Hawaii called Mana Cards, and I am currently studying them through a short course.

At the moment I am working as an aroma and massage therapist while participating in fortune-telling events in Osaka and Tokyo about once a month. I also offer online fortune-telling lessons via Skype and reports regarding the topic. Recently, I’ve been getting more and more requests from clients living in Australia.

Additionally, I studied English all by myself without going to a language school. I’ve always been asking myself while studying how I could possibly become better at speaking English, and I have come this far studying with a trial and error technique.

I have also recently met my fiance who is from Australia, and since we decided to get married I will soon be moving to Adelaide in Australia.

Now I have told you a lot about me. My dream is to open a “Healing Salon” in the future.

That way I can heal your heart from the inside with Aroa, fortune-telling and card sessions, and with aroma and massage sessions from the outside★☆★

〜Western Astrology Session〜

Western Astrology is what is generally referred to as your horoscope. From your date of birth, your time of birth and the place you were born I will create a birth chart (horoscope) for you. From there, I can read about your personality, life, job, romantic relationships and many other things.

When people are born, they are born carrying the 10 aspects of the heavenly body. When people talk about your zodiac sign on TV or in magazines, they are referring to a constellation from the solar system. You carry many other constellations and heavenly bodies within you.

Your personality is determined by the “Moon Constellation”

Your assertiveness and willpower are determined by Mars

Your knowledge and communication skills are determined by Mercury

Your hobbies and romantic relationships are determined by Venus

Your potential is determined by Jupiter

Your knowledge of people and homework of life is determined by Saturn

And you carry many other heavenly bodies and constellations. I will read all of these and provide you with a profound insight into all aspects of your self.

What will your future husband/wife be like?

What kind of work are you cut out for?

How can you conquer your trauma?

I will tell you in detail about all of these things. If you are interested, feel free to send me an inquiry first★

〜Japanese Lessons〜

・For first-time Japanese learners

→Please rest assured that I will adjust the pace of our lesson to your needs.

・For students who would like to become better at reading and speaking Japanese

→We can decide on the lesson content together after taking a look at your personal study goals.

・Japanese CV & Job Interview practice

→I can show you how to write your Japanese CV and we can practice for a job interview together.

※Of course I also offer lessons outside of what I wrote above. Please feel free to contact me about other lessons anytime^ - ^

〜About all Lessons〜

If you have any questions about any of my lessons, please feel free to send me a message before requesting a lesson anytime. If it’s within my ability I will be happy to provide you with other types of lessons.

I look forward to seeing you in my lesson soon(*^_^*)

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  • Es posible hacerlo en cualquier momento.

Luego de que la solicitud de clase haya sido confirmada

  • Menos de 1 horas antes de que la clase de comienzo→ Se perderá el 100% del importe de la clase
  • No-Show→ Se perderá el 100% del importe de la clase

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