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One of the most traditional and popular activities throught Latin America and Spain is dancing. The...
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I currently live in Mexico City, a world class city. Since I've already done a column on Mexico Cit...
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One of the reasons I decided to teach English is because I love learning languages and I want to sh...
Published 20 Jun, 2015 | View: 2620
Konnichiwa minna-san. As a little introduction, I decided to give you guys a photo tour of the city...

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Matt.Smith Tutor Profile

Konnichiwa minna-san.

My name is Matt. I'm originally from California but I'm currently living in Mexico City and I love it so much. I love learning languages and about different cultures, which is one of the reasons why I want to teach English and share my language with others. I believe learning a new language is awesome because it breaks down barriers and opens your mind to new ideas. 

I have a 100 hour TEFL certificate and I teach English classes in Mexico City. I have previously taught history at a high school in San Diego before I decided to take an adventure to Mexico and improve my Spanish. Now I speak at an advanced level and I love having opportunities for language and cultural exchange. I've also been learning Japanese and I hope to go to Japan some day to expand my horizons. 

I have also worked as a writer and an editor for a Korean English language learning service. So if you need me to help you with your writing or proofread essays, research papers, articles, ect., I can do that as well.

My Teaching Style

From my own experience, I believe that language learners learn better in a fun and casual environment. Studying books, practicing grammar, and learning vocabulary are necessary as well, but that can get boring pretty fast if you're not actively practicing speaking the language or finding new ways to learn. Therefore, I believe it's important to include things such as media, music, movies, and entertainment in the learning environment. It helps make learning more fun and it also helps a learner to improve on his/her listening comprehension, which is one of the most difficult and important parts of learning a language. 
*Note: If you don't know your level of English or are unsure, feel free to take one of my trial lessons which will enable me to determine which level is right for you. 

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