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Published 17 Apr, 2016 | View: 1481
現在、自身の練習が増えてしまい 時間をとるため 少しレッスンの種類を変えさせていただきました。 申し訳ないですが、ご了承いただけますようよろしくおねがいします
Published 9 Feb, 2016 | View: 1519
今日は、はじめて日記です。 子育て2人目にもなれ、この生活リズムに慣れてきたので 新しく、曲をふやすことにしました。 今回の曲は、37ページです。 20ページきたところで、手...

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piano niconico Tutor Profile

Nice to meet you, I’m piano niconico.
Thank you for taking a look at my profile.

I aim to use my experience as a piano teacher to get students to love playing the piano. via lessons that are designed to suit their personalities. 

I have over 10 years of teaching experience.
I accept lesson request from children to adults♪

During the lesson, I teach in detail from the very first steps.
Let’s have fun learning as we chat!
Please feel free to request a lesson. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.♪  

BA in Music Performance, Piano
(Diploma of the associated board of the Royal School of Music)

PIARA Grade 1

Beten Piano Competition Award Winner

Glänzen Piano Competition Teacher Award Winner 2014

Translation: 11/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 

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