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-About Me-


I am Steve, and I have taught English in Sendai, Japan for almost 3 years through the Japanese Exchange and Teaching programme (JET) at schools such as Nakayama and Yakata Elementary and Junior High School (小学校の5,6年と中学校の1,2,3年を教えました).

I have assisted my students in succesfully delivering their English speeches at school speech contests, and I have helped my students win awards in English comic contests.

I also have experience in teaching at English community classes to students of all ages inclding high school, university, and working class.

Currently I am completing my Masters Thesis at my universitiy's School of Public Leadership. It is challenging but at the same time also very rewarding.

-My Lessons-

I teach using British pronunciation, and I have a passion for teaching English in a simple and fun way, where my students can enjoy themselves and use their English in everyday situations (日常会話).

I believe in helping students learn practical English skills that they can use to talk about their interests or professions.

My lessons aim to help students with:
  • Speaking and Listening 
  • Pronunciation
  • Open Conversation
  • Vocabulary


My hobbies are soccer(サッカー), playing the electric guitar in my local band(ギター), and learning languages. I enjoy watching and playing sports, and I can talk about soccer all day! I also enjoy the outdoors, whether taking a walk in the woods or camping in the mountain!

-My Story-

Since I was little, it has always been my dream to live in Japan, and experience the Japanese lifestyle. After graduating from university in 2011, I was sent to Sendai City, (the City of Trees) which had just suffered damage from a large Tsunami hit. 

At first, I was a little scared but also excited to go and help the people of Sendai recover from the 2011 disaster. I was glad to help people in any small way, whether to teach English, give hope, smile, or just to be friends!

After almost 3 years in Japan, I am happy to see many people now visiting Sendai, and going to teach English there, and I am thankful for the amazing friends I could make in Japan!

Enjoy your English studies, and I hope to be working with you soon!


Q. Hi, Steve.D! please introduce yourself! A. Hi! I’m Steve. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, “The Mother City”. It’s very beautiful and you can see many amazing places in the city or outdoors for example, “Table Mountain”.I have taught English and lived in Sendai City, Japan for almost three years, until 2015. Currently I am studying public leadership at my university as a post-graduate studen...

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