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EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 2
English Technical Writing Grade 3
日本漢字能力検定 2級
Suken Grade 3級
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chiyo Tutor Profile

Hi! I am chiyo, nice to meet you! :)

In Cafetalk, I teach math and English to both primary and secondary school students. Also, I offer Japanese conversation lessons to non-native speakers.

I currently work as a tutor, teaching both as a private and at a cram school. The subjects that I mainly teach are math, calculus, and English. I can tutor high school students for their college entrance math exams.

Being a study-lover, I passed Eiken Grade 2 and other English tests by self-teaching. I still keep studying, aiming to pass the Eiken Grade Pre-1 and to pass the most difficult grade in Suuken, which is a popular math test in Japan.

I am skilled in math because of my background in studying electrical engineering. In school, we kept studying math and calculus every day, and I learned how math knowledge is applied in our daily lives. Studying math is actually really fun and helpful in your life, so I hope you are interested in studying math with me!

As a tutor, I am serious about listening to each of your voice, in order to make my lessons meet my students’ needs.

Let me be your help in your study! I would love to see you in my lesson. :)

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