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Hello everyone! My name is Briana (ブリヤナ). I'm from America, but I currently live and teach English in Japan.

I'm a graduate of Princeton University, and have a bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies. I also studied abroad for one year at Doshisha University (同志社大学) in Kyoto. In total I've lived in Japan for four years, so I know the difficulties of communicating across cultures! But, I love the challenge. :)

I also absolutely love learning languages! I've studied Japanese, Korean, French, and American Sign Language--so I understand well the struggles of learning a new language!


I've taught one-on-one conversational and business English at a major eikaiwa company in Japan for three years now. Before that, I tutored students in English and Japanese at my university. I know what areas of English are most difficult for Japanese speakers, so I can guide you through them.


In learning any language, the most important thing to remember is, it's okay to make mistakes--just continue communicating! ^^ So, I hope you will see our lessons as a place where it's safe to make many, many mistakes. Honestly, making mistakes is the best way to learn! I can also offer Japanese support if needed.

In our lessons, I can help expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, increase your speaking speed, prepare for specific situations (such as ordering food at a restaurant), and more. Whether you want to live abroad or simply understand an English news article, I want to help you build confidence in your English abilities. Let's work hard together!


You can take any lesson I offer right away, but I recommend starting with an introductory lesson or a trial lesson. We can talk about your goals and experience. This will help me get to know your English level and think about how best to teach you.
  • All levels are welcome!
  • All lessons are customizable!
  • All lessons will be followed-up with written feedback as well as a list of what we learned.
  • My lessons are not intended for students younger than junior high school age.
I hope to meet you soon! よろしくお願いします!

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