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Ciao a tutti! みんなさん、こんにちは!
My name is Paolo and I'm an Italian and Japanese language teacher. I'm also a translator and an interpreter and I work with 3 languages (Italian, English, Japanese).

About me
I'm from Rome, the capital of Italy, I have studied in Rome and Osaka, and now I live in London, UK.
I'm generally shy, but still a good-mannered, open minded and very understanding person. I want my lessons to be fun!
I like movies and tv series, nature, hiking, travelling.

About teaching
What I love about teaching is that I get to share my knowledge of this beautiful language, Italian and it's something very fulfilling to me. Being passionate about languages and linguistics, and having studied foreign languages since I was very young, I became very self-aware about my native language and now can put all of that passion into my lessons.

As for my teaching style: I'm very easy going and not strict at all - why would I be? I am a very patient teacher always keen on what I'm doing and ready to meet my student(s)' needs. As a matter of fact, a teacher, a tutor, should not be considered as an omniscient and superior being, but rather as someone on the same level of the student, who can share their knowledge and help the student in his/her active learning. In fact, it's not "me teaching you", but rather "you learning with my help"!

Furthermore, please note that if you are a native of Italian, English or Japanese (according to the language you're studying), I will be able to offer a more accurate service since I'm familiar with your linguistical line of reasoning and your mistakes will be more easily detected, understood, explained and eventually prevented. This doesn't mean I will take lessons in your language, though: I will try to speak only Italian, otherwise you wouldn't learn anything more than what's on your textbooks! I can explain in your language for the first beginner lessons and, in case of need, for some complicated terms or grammar rules, but I'll do my best to stop using it quickly and give lessons in Italian only. On the other hand, if you speak English but it's not your mother tongue, I won't use it during my lessons because adding the 3rd language would be completely unnecessary and, most of all, dangerous to your learning mechanisms!

About my lessons
Materials: I am very flexible but most students generally end up letting me choose the materials or just trying my original custom made lessons. I own a large variety of textbooks, so sometimes I may also pick a lesson out of one of them, integrate it with some additional material or activity created by me and that's it (whether we will keep using that book or not, is up to the student's reaction). Sometimes I even have an idea during the first approach with the student, I explain it to them, and if they like it I develop the idea into an original lesson just for them! Also, I try to always include Italian cultural information and to cover all 4 language main skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing). I give homework most of the times (exercises and essays I thoroughly correct).

Preferences: Since Cafetalk lessons are not my only job, I would really appreciate it if you could take seriously and respect my lessons and my time. Therefore:
- Please, show up on time for each lesson, and possibly make sure you're ready (for example, prepare your materials, go to a silent environment where you are alone, check your internet connection, etc). I will send a message before calling you to make sure you're all set.
- In case of a no-show or sudden cancellation (less than 12 hours before the lesson), as stated by my cancellation policy, I will take 100% of the points for a variety of reasons I'm sure you will comprehend. (i.e. other students could not request lessons during the time you booked, I cancelled my other plans for you, I prepared a lesson just for you - which takes 2 to 3 hours of my time and believe me, a lot of creativity and effort, etc). Although, if I deem it appropriate, I may issue a 100% discount coupon in order to allow you to recover your missed lesson, so don't be scared! :)
- If you have any specific idea or request please do not hesitate to tell me before any lesson! I will do my best to fulfil your wishes! Also, if you are new, I would appreciate it if you could send a brief self-introduction along with your first lesson request!
- Leave a feedback, please! Even if it's not 100% positive, it is very important for me to know about your opinion in order to improve myself, thanks!

Thank you to each one of you and I'm really looking forward to studying with you! Ciao!

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• Cancelation possible at any time without charge.
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• Less than 12hours before lesson start time.→ 100% of price charged.
• Between 12-24hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
No-Show→ 100% of price charged.
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