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It is Mitsuru that I will meet with you  this time at Cafetalk.
My the specialty is patent translation and I maily do  translation as a free-lancer, but I came  the 60th Kanreki and have decided to achieve my dream of supporting everyone by fusing my english skill and the other  skills I have.
The directions I have in mind regarding my sessions  as follows.

1. Tarot card advice in English or Japanese

It is not Tarot fortune telling.
The spirit of Tarot (I call Duke) behind me advises you through the Marseille Tarot card
I only transfer the advice to you  as an interpreter.
Since we often point out crusial things you have not noticed, we named named  Eye-Opener Tarot (trademark being applied).
I have been doing  Tarot card reading for more than 15 years,  and about three years ago, I decided to become a professional bilingual Tarot card reader both in Japanese and English. Since then, I have been practicing  Tarot sessions in English, and now  and I'm confident with our advice-giving method  at last.
Here I will do either Japanese or English  with the same price. Why don'r you try our tarot session in English as  a perfect opportunity to practice English conversation. Of course, foreigners who speak English are also welcome.
To my own surprise, Duke's advice is remarkably to the point and consistent, indeed worthy of the name  Eye-Opener Tarot.
Why don't you listen to  Duke's advice once ? Judging from  the reactions of a large number of people who experienced our method, I promise that we will  give you encouragment and inspiration  by presenting to you several  points of view you have not noticed without  disappoinding you. Indeed, it is exactly Eye-Opener Tarot.

2. English private lessons

As an Eiken 1st grade holder, I am confident  in my English learning  know-how, and I definitely would like to help you improve your English skills by making full use of my methods.The keyword here is fully bilingual and full customization.Basically I keep Speaking during my sessioons. In addition, at our first session, allow me to interviewyou so that I can precisely grasp your current English level, and then offer you the learning method entirely customized for you. 

3. Sessions with  flowers photos and English integrated

My another face is to be a flower photographer who provides about 500 flower photos to the world's No. 1 stock photo GettyImages.
I am planning here various sessions here combining this with my English. For example, sessions to talk about flowers and flower photos in English, or tours to watch flowers while taking  in English. Since I am also a registered tourguide, I am preparing to launch this kind of tour for foreign tourists as well.  

My background

I just reached the 60th year-old Kanreki. I  live in  Kamata, Tokyo now.  I  have been living  in Tokyo for a long time, but originally  I was born and raised in Nishijin, the center of Kyoto. The house I was raised and raised  is very close to the old street called Nishijin Senryo-ga-Tsuji, which has now become a famous tourist attaraction.After graduating from Law Department of Tokyo University, I worked for 20 years at a major advertising agency and  then, after experiencing a variety of occupations, I joined a patent officre in Tokyo and did  patent translation  for eight years  until this May.
Since this patent office was closed in May, I started working as a freelancer which I had been dreaming of for  a longtime dream.I intend to focus on free-lance home translation, but I also wish to offer unique services by combining my edges and my  English skill.

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How about full-customized Engish lesson prepared based on your object...

How about full-customized Engish lesson prepared based on your object...

How about listening to some advice from the Spirit of Tarot? 

How about listening to some advice from the spirit of Tarot?


この特訓、ほんとに力付きます、これで英検1級受かりました ブラッシュアップにも有効ですよ。JR蒲田駅周辺で対面も可能です。

How about listening to some advice from the spirit of Tarot?

How about listening to some advice from the Spirit of Tarot?

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