Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

March 29 is “Premium Friday Happy Hour”

This month's Premium Friday is on February 22th! This month Cafetalk offers a special Happy Hour time!

If you take any of the lessons on the campaign page between 3 PM and 9 PM Japan Time on that day you will receive back 30% of the lesson price after the lesson has been completed.
Use this chance to try out tutors you can't usually take lessons with!

Applicable Lessons for Point Rebate

中文入门(Chinese made easy) - beginner

40 Mins   1,900   Carolinelin
Establish good language basis from straightforward conversation and vocabulary. And, most impor...

French conversation for beginner to advanced level

60 Mins   1,900   Céline
If you need to improve your speaking language this is a great opportunity ! We can talk about what ...

50 Minute Conversation

50 Mins   2,000   Teacher Mildred
Let's talk about your favorite topics to practice using conversational English! This 50-minute less...

English Conversation! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ(50m)

50 Mins   1,900   Alan M.
Let's practice together! Your English ability will improve as we freely converse. We can talk about...


50 Mins   1,500   (closed) Eunchan

Let's Talk About TED

30 Mins   1,000   Kaitlyn.R
TED talks are known internationally for thier fresh ideas and interesting views. Improve your vocab...

レッスン de AKIRA

60 Mins   6,000   AKIRA.
 私、AKiraの写真の撮り方、写真に対するポリシーなど*トライアルレッスンとは違い私の得意な、ポートレート、夜景、スナップ写真を教えます。 疑問、質問はいつでもしてください。基本、私の写真を好き...

Italian language - Intermediate level (B1)

25 Mins   1,000   Salvatore Grasso
With these intermediate lessons, you're going to learn words, expressions, idioms, and grammar.Note...


60 Mins   2,500
用意していただく物: フェイスタオルヨガマット(なければバスタオルでもok)飲み物こんな’肩’にオススメ!!⭐︎慢性的に肩こりがある⭐︎マッサージや整体に行っているけど、1...

My English - いまさら&これから英語

30 Mins   1,500   Ayako S
「英語を話せるようになりたい!」って言う単純な理由から始まる英語学習。My Englishでは言語の軸とも言える文法を中心に学んでいくコースです。**************************...

Cafetalk x Premium Friday Happy Hour

  • ・Lessons taken on March 29 2019 between 3 PM and 9 PM (Japan Time) are applicable for the point rebate.
  • ・You can receive only one pointback per tutor. Please combine your requests with other tutors.
  • ・The pointback will not change the expiry date of your points.
  • ・Die campaign period is during Japan Time (UTC+9). Please take note of this when you live outside of Japan.
  • ・Lessons booked on March 29 before this announcement are excluded from the pointback.
  • ・The pointback will occur within three days of Premium Friday as long as the completed status of the lesson can be confirmed. Students are able to complete requests from their end, so please complete the lesson once it has finished.
  • ・If a coupon is used for the lesson the point rebate will be applied for the reduced price.
  • ・If a lesson cancellation is caused by the student, the resulting cancellation fee is not valid for the pointback campaign.

About Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

If you get to go home a little bit early on the last Friday of the month, why not connect with the world through Cafetalk lessons?

Try out all those tutors and lessons you wanted to but never could☆We are looking forward to your bookings♪

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