Welcome to Serbia! Welcome to Serbia!

Welcome to Serbia!

Interested in learning about this small European country, located at the centre of the Balkan peninsula?

Join us on a guided visit to Serbia, as we explore its rich culture, turbulent history, a language system with its very own alphabet and, of course, delicious food!

About the Seminar

Date Thu September 29th, 2022 21:00 (Asia/Tokyo)
시간 About 60 Min
가격 Free
Recording: 500 포인트 (Sold Separately)
세미나 언어: English
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My name is Maja and I come from Serbia. I am an English teacher and I've recently moved back to Serbia from China, where I lived and worked for 7 years. I have a degree in English Language and Literature and teaching is my passion. I'm interested in languages and exploring other countries and cultures, but also sharing about my own. I can speak Serbian, English, Spanish and some basic Mandarin.


English tutor Maja is a Serbian who has recently come back to Serbia, after living in China for 7 years, and she is going to talk to you about her home country!

  • 1. Short self introduction (1 min)
  • 2. Serbia on the map of Europe (3 min)
  • 3. A brief introduction to Serbia's recent history (10 min)
  • 4. Serbian language and its Cyrillic alphabet (10 min)
  • 5. Most important holidays and celebrations (10 min)
  • 6. Serbian mythology and the legend of the Devil's Town (10 min)
  • 7. Serbian cuisine and the culture of coffee drinking (10 min)
  • 8. Q&A (6 min)

This seminar is for people whose English skills are on an intermediate or advanced level, and who are interested in learning about a country whose history and culture they have probably heard very little of.

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic where international travel is still limited, this seminar is also for those who wish to go exploring from the comfort of their own homes.

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