Explore Latin America Online! 
					Explore Latin America Online!

Travel across the globe by taking lessons from tutors
who were born in Latin America or have spent some time living in this region.
Cafetalk tutors will help you learn more about their languages
and the culture of their countries.
Discover the works of great Latin American artists
or how to make traditional and popular dishes!

Learn Spanish, Portuguese or discover local food, art, history and much more!

Map of
Latin America

Mexico Belize Cuba The Bahamas Haiti Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Venezuela Suriname French Guiana Guyana Brazil Bolivia Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Honduras Jamaica Guatemala El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Colombia Ecuador Peru Chile


  • 13th English Symposium -
    Latin America Special

    Explore the different countries of Latin America through their language and culture.

    Date/Time August 18 (Thu), 2022 19:00〜 (JST)
    Seminar language English 90% Japanese 10%
    *The presentations will be in English but you can ask questions in Japanese as well!
    Price FREE


    Now released! Find the video below!↓

  • 15th Spanish Symposium -
    Uruguay y su belleza / La cultura mexicana

    Date/Time August 19 (Fri), 2022 19:30〜 (JST)
    Seminar language Spanish 70% Japanese 30%
    Price FREE


    Now released! Find the video below!↓


*Every tutor is only featured with maximum 2 lessons, but some of the tutors may offer even more lessons about this topic. Please check their profiles for details.

*Tutors may also continue to offer the lessons after the end of the campaign. Please contact the tutor to find out if you can also book the lesson at a later date.

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