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  • Riny ショパンの国ポーランド在住♪ 世界各国、日本で年間数多くのコンサート、ソロリサイタルに出演する人気ピアニスト、カフェトークではお子様から上級者の方まで情熱をもってレッスンしています!

  • Maeda Masumi クラシックの他ポップスや映画音楽なども。丁寧な指導と的確なアドバイスに多くのファンを持つ人気講師です。最近は音楽理論のレッスンも人気、ピアノレッスンと合わせての受講がおすすめです♪








Report on the 4th Annual Cafetalk Music Festival


Report on the 3nd Annual Cafetalk Music Festival

On August 11, 2017, the third annual Cafetalk Music Event was held, with performances by not only Cafetalk students but also a live band with amazing vocal performances by current and future Cafetalk tutors!

Report on the 2nd Annual Cafetalk Music Festival


Report on the 1st Cafetalk Music Festival

Here's what the the 1st Cafetalk Music Festival 2015 looked like

			Application Guidelines

Application Period: Novembre 25th (THU) - December 1st (WED)


  • ピアノのオンラインレッスンに興味があるが受講されていない方
  • 過去受講していたが再開に二の足を踏んでいる方
  • お子様の習い事として、トライアルしてみたい方
  • その他

Selection: 10 people maximum


  • You receive one more free lesson if you post public feedback after taking your first two lessons.

Sharing your experience on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is highly encouraged, but not required.

Regarding lesson tester tickets:

please note that lesson tester tickets can't be used for tutors you have already taken lessons with in the past.

Apply to be a monitor!

Please fill out all of the information on the application form to apply.

  • City or region of residence
  • Date of Birth
  • Self-Promotion

*Please note that monitoring opportunities may be canceled if no suitable candidates are found.

*Please note that only applicants selected as lesson testers will be contacted by December 4.


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