July 29 is Cafetalk day

You will be refunded for 30% of the points spent on lessons that take place on July 29.
*Please make sure to read the rules and conditions for Cafetalk Day before booking a lesson.

▼ Check the rules and conditions ▼

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July 29 - Cafetalk Day № 2! Recommended Lessons


0 Mins   4,000   KANOSUE

Scrabble game

Let’s play scrabble. Scrabble is an English vocabulary game. It helps you learn new words and makin...

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction | Standard American English

25 Mins   800   Tim A.
Can you make complete English sentences but can't pronounce the words well?What is American Standar...


60 Mins   2,000   Nohee
【できる韓国語 中級】は韓国の生活や文化に対したトピックを中心となっています。初級より実用的な内容でもっと自然な韓国語が身に付けると思います。ーーーーテキストの構成ーーーー☆ ウォーミングアップ  ...

Fun, popular and EFFECTIVE kids lesson: TAILOR-MADE

25 Mins   1,500   Voytec
Language activities specially designed to fit the student's age and ability level! Fun, interactiv...

Conversation in Greek- Μιλάμε Ελληνικά!

50 Mins   1,400   Nicoleta
Είναι μια ευκαιρία για εσένα να βελτιώσεις την προφορά σου! Διορθώνω τα λάθη σου κατά τη διάρκεια τ...

Cafetalk Day Point Rebate Rules

  • Point rebate is only possible once per tutor. Please book lessons with several tutors use the discount for several lessons.
  • Please note that the validity period of the refunded points will not be extended upon refund.
  • Every student can get a maximum of three refunds on three separate lessons.
  • The maximum refundable amount for all three lesson requests combined is 4.000 points total.
  • The date/time for the campaign is based on Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).
  • Lessons that have already been booked for the 29th before this announcement are also covered by the refund.
  • The point rebate occurs after the lesson has been marked as complete, usually 3 business days after Cafetalk Day. Students can also mark requests as complete, so please push the "Complete" button on the request page after your lesson is finished to receive your point rebate faster. Please note that if a lesson has not been completed 5 days after the campaign date, it will not be covered by the Cafetalk Day campaign anymore and no point rebate will take place.
  • If a discount coupon has been used for the lesson, the 30% point refund will be applied to the already discounted lesson price.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to exclude any lesson that we feel was not made in accordance with the spirit and intent of the campaign. This includes lessons made to oneself, lessons with a relative or with someone with whom you share the same accommodation.
  • If a coupon is applied to a request eligible for Cafetalk Day, that coupon can not be removed once the start time of the lesson has passed. If you wish to apply or remove a coupon from a lesson scheduled on Cafetalk Day please do so before its start time.

Lessons for which this campaign is NOT applicable

  • Lessons that have been booked using a free lesson voucher (Not to be confused with 'Discount Coupons', which do not invalidate lessons for this campaign)
  • Lessons that are part of a lesson pack, lessons that are part of a multiple set
  • Group lessons
  • No-Skype lessons, including proofreading and translation
  • Hidden lessons that are not available to all students
  • Lessons that are cancelled from the student's side

What is Cafetalk Day?

It's a point rebate campaign by Cafetalk based on the idea "Get a special spice into your lesson mix on the 19th and 29th".

We hope you will find new lessons and meet new tutors through this rebate campaign.

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