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What is special about my hometown?


I was raised in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States.  It is very famous for several things and I want to share just a few with you: 

1. The Kentucky Derby (Click on the link to see a cool video)

Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, one of the most famous horse races in the world.  It is on the 1st Saturday of May.  This race is where the best 3-year old horses race against each other on the last race of the day.  Many celebrities visit Louisville during this time of the year.  People that have tickets for this event wear very bright clothes and the women wear very large hats (and men too)!

2. Bourbon

Kentucky is very famous for making bourbon.  In fact, we have a "Bourbon Trail" that people can go visit several distilleries (places that make Bourbon) and do taste testings.  

3. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Although I have eaten KFC in Asia before, it does taste a little different than in the United States.  I think the fried batter on the chicken is lighter and thinner in Asia.  However in the U.S., we deep fry the chicken to make a thick breading.  It is delicious in both places!!

What is your hometown famous for?  

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