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How to peel and cut a mango in less than 60 seconds!!!!!

Jul 12, 2019

Quick and easy hack to peel and cut a whole mango in less than 1 minute

If you were like me and Ashley who love the taste of mango, but always found it too much hassle to peel and cut when you’re in a rush - this little trick is perfect for you.


For those who can’t quite follow what’s happening in the photos, the steps are as follows :


1. Cut straight down either side of the stone. Leaving you with two big pieces of mango and one stone with a little bit of flesh surrounding it. 

2. Get a pint glass or something similar, and press the base of the bigger chunks in to the rim of the glass, staying as close to the skin as possible.


3. Simply push down and the mango will easily come away from the skin. Repeat with both big pieces, leaving you with two nice chunks of the flesh.


4. Cut the excess bits away from the stone 

Now enjoy your delicious mango!


I’m not sure who told me this trick or if I discovered it naturally, as Iv been doing it for years now!


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