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Shocking X-Men News: There are no bad comic book characters.


New X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman is making his mark on his run as he promised.
It is difficult to be a new writer on any superhero book because there are always expectations
to deliver. Hickman delivered as promised by making the most boring character Moira Mactaggert (pictured above) into the most fascinating of them all. Since her appearance in 1975, Moira has been fated to be a supporting cast member because she is a human doctor who helps her mutant friends with science. She gives them medical exams and an Advil if they get headaches. It isn't anywhere near exciting as Wolverine.

Hickman flips the switch by revealing she is a mutant with the power of reincarnation. She is reborn into her life like a restart switch every time she dies. As a result, she has been rewriting the Marvel Universe with every rebirh. In the book, she has died 9 times and is on her 10th revision of history.
It is a mindblogging power with tons of possibility. I can't wait till next week for Hickman to explore it with Powers of X 2.

What mutan power do you want? If you have Moira's power, what would change in your next life?

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