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Cappuccino My Babe


Hi, I am teacher Vincent and this is my baby hedgehog Cappuccino. She is 2 years old.
She came into life because my friend Arielle had 5 hedgehogs. She was moving to a smaller house and sent a post on Facebook for a new parent to adopt her hedgehogs. I always wanted a hedgehog but afraid of how to take care of them. So, this opportunity was one that I quickly grabbed. I typed as fast as I could and sent her a message.

A few days later, Cappuccino arrived with her house, wheel, food plate, and a water bowl.

She changed my life because my house is now filled with her cuteness. She is such a sweet girl and her twitching nose is too adorable. I pamper her a lot because of the joy she brings when she wakes up at 6pm. Aside from playing her wheel and eating cat food, this spiky ball of love can't get enough tummy rubs in this life time. 

I'd like to share this joy with my students by showing them Cappuccino when we have classes.

Feel free to book a 15 to 25 minutes class with me soon. You can message me to book a class and arrange a class to chat with me and Cappuccino in the evening. We are usually available from 6-8pm Japan time. 


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