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Feb 3, 2021 | 1 Comments

Hello from Taka!  This time I am posting this article to share with you my honorable event.  As you can see from the above picture, I have obtained ‘Recommended’ status’!  I sincerely wish to pass on my huge thank-you to my regular students and anyone who has taken my lessons thus far.  I am sure this should not have been achieved without your continued support and perhaps great patience (?).


To be honest, I am still a novice teacher who has just started immersing myself in this teaching English career.  Therefore, I am still in the ‘testing water’ phase.  After each lesson has finished, I always reflect on my own teaching performance.  In this way, I can make some improvements for my future lessons.  I am also grateful that I am always given precious occasions from my students where I can deepen my knowledge of the English language as well as unfamiliar issues.  In other words, I very much feel like being a student while I teach lessons.


I will continue to devote my energy to my teaching so that my students will feel satisfied as a result.  What’s more, I will do my best I can so as not to lose this valuable ribbon.  Finally, I would like to take up this opportunity to thank the Cafetalk staff who always provide brilliant support to make my teaching smooth.







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