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NEW LESSON: Natural Englishの発音の意識を広げる

2023년 12월 7일

Have you ever worried that you can read sentences but can't pronounce English words or don't know how to pronounce them naturally?

The pronunciation and intonation of Japanese and English are completely different. There are many sounds that don't even exist in Japanese.
Pronunciation is extremely difficult to practice alone. It is necessary to practice many times while checking the correct natural English pronunciation.

For this reason, it is difficult to practice by yourself, so many people end up putting off pronunciation and are unable to break free of their Japanese accent.



この 45 分間を最大限に活用して、発音を効果的に改善する方法を練習しましょう!
Lesson: Natural Englishの発音の意識を広げる。
Price: 2500 Points
Length: 45
Trial Minutes:

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