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Fukuyama Sensei Tutor Interview

Q. Hi, Fukuyama Sensei! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. May we ask you to briefly introduce yourself?

A. Nice to meet you! I work as a teacher under the name Fukuyama Sensei.

I applied to Cafetalk because I wanted to teach Korean to Japanese speakers using my Japanese language skills.

My real name is Park, but I loved Fukuyama City (in Hiroshima prefecture) which is where I used to live, so I use the name “福山 (Fukuyama)" as my nickname!。

I also post videos on YouTube under the channel name “福山先生 Korean Lesson“!I upload videos every week, so please check it out if you'd like:)

Q. Please tell us more about your hometown and the area where you currently reside.

A. I was born and raised in Incheon, and I am still living in Incheon. Incheon is a port city with a population of 3 million. It is known for its international airport, but besides the airport, there is also a "Chinatown" where you can enjoy delicious Korean-style Chinese food, as well as a "Forest Outings," which is a large cafe with a botanical garden theme, so if you are bored of just traveling to Seoul, it is a good place to stop by for a visit:)

Q. What motivated you to become a tutor on Cafetalk?

A. When I was a company employee, I taught Korean as a volunteer on my days off.

One day, a student of mine recommended that I try Cafetalk, telling me that it is a “website where you can offer private lessons,” and that, “I think you would do great on there!”This is what motivated me to teach at Cafetalk.

Q. What are you usually up to when you're not teaching on Cafetalk? What are your hobbies and interests?

A. I usually spend my time relaxing and studying Japanese. I enjoy watching dramas, anime, and YouTube to learn new vocabulary and to review words that I have learned. Aside from Japanese, I also enjoy working out and strengthening my muscles, by mainly using parallel bars and iron bars.

Q. A lot of students are probably curious about the atmosphere in your lessons. What can a student imagine a lesson with you to be like? What’s your teaching style?

A. I typically enjoy talking with my students using basic-level Korean when teaching. I will teach you any unfamiliar vocabulary or grammar that comes up in the course of our conversation on the spot, and send you a summary in Word-file so that you can review what you learned in the lesson. I am also happy to record learning materials and send them to you if you would like.

Q. Which lessons would you recommend to your students?

A. I recommend my lesson called "Free Talking Lesson based on a Theme." This is because you can have fun talking, while learning new vocabulary and expressions. I will also provide detailed feedback on unfamiliar vocabulary and grammar points, so please try this lesson out if you are interested!

Q. Finally, would you like to leave a message for your current and future students?

A. The Korean language has a very honest and sincere side. It will never betray those who work hard and do not try take shortcuts. If you remind yourself why you wanted to learn Korean, and continue to study every day, even for just 30 minutes a day, your efforts will definitely be rewarded. I can help you with this journey, so don't be afraid to join me. Let’s have fun learning together.


Fukuyama Sensei

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