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Sylvie.Lu Tutor Interview

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Q. Hi, Sylvie.Lu! please introduce yourself!

A. Bonjour, I am Sylvie, a French teacher born in Fontainebleau. It is a nice mid-sized town located 70 km South-East of Paris, well known for its castle, its old surrounding forest with sandstone boulders famous to free-hand climbers. In the area, you also have painters villages such as Morêt-sur-Loing and Barbizon, or other beautiful castles like Vaux-le-Vicomte. After being expatriated for some years (USA, Hungary), I am today living in Hamburg, Germany, where I am French teacher, on Cafetalk but also for some private language schools in Hamburg.

Q. I want to know where you live. Could you please tell us about your current city?

A. Since 10 years, I am living in Hamburg, North Germany. One could imagine this area cold and industrial, but it is not the case ! Hamburg is a very nice, modern and dynamic city, very green, close to both North Sea and Baltic Sea, located on the Elbe River, surrounded by water. I really fell in love with this city, where classic architecture contrast with ultra-modern buildings. I love its lakes and numerous channels, like a Venise bathed in the light of the North. I love all the little restaurants, cafés, shops, covered shopping galleries, trendy quartiers, … And there is a huge container harbor, and I always liked watching tug-boats and big ships from all around the world pass by !

Q. How do you spend your days off ? Is there anything you’ve gotten into lately?

A. Camera in hand, I like to explore my surroundings, the nature, insolite town areas. It gives me endless opportunities to discover new cities, countries, people and to share each other culture. I then take inspiration from my pictures to paint at my fantasy, transforming in vivid colors the inner visualization of my feelings, keeping a balance between abstraction and realism, using acrylic and its powerful hues.

Q. Have you studied a foreign language before ? Do you think it’s hard to adapt to a different culture without learning its language ?

A. As everybody, I guess, I learned foreign languages at school, English and German, but without specific interest for it. Too much grammar, schooling and no real possibility to practice, made it not such a nice souvenir … But as my family moved abroad (due to my husband’s work), I had then a good opportunity to practice ! Living in a different country is very interesting but also challenging, as you shall adapt to the « how to behave » and local customs. With the language, you can learn far quicker about the culture, make new friends, know about interesting places and events, share ideas and then expend even more your language skills ! Learning the language is learning the culture !

Q. Please tell us about the main feature of your lesson.

A. Being an experienced teacher does not mean that I shall be like a strict and boring « Madame la Professeur » ! On the contrary, I am taking great care to make my courses as clear and as fun as possible, but still with pedagogy, emphasizing on comprehension and expression, always making certain that the learned point is well understood. While teaching solid and useful skills in French, I do my best to give to my student confidence in his new langage !

Q. What are you most careful of when you teach your students?

A. First of all, I wish my students to have fun and to take pleasure learning French ! Then, I take care that they reach their objectives, giving them as much opportunity to speak and express themselves as possible, in order to practice the grammatical structures and use the vocabulary. Each lesson is adapted to the level and needs of each student.

Q. Finally, would you like to leave a message for our students?

A. Learning a language is a lot of practicing ! You shall speak, read, listen, speak and speak more, that is the key to success ! And merci beaucoup to all Cafetalk students who already had a course with me !



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