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Would you like to be part of a community that helps Cafetalk grow?

Share your thoughts and become a Cafetalk beta tester!

Thank you for choosing Cafetalk! We are striving to make Cafetalk the best place for you to find your perfect tutor match and learn new skills.
In order to achieve that, we want to get you guys involved. By becoming a Cafetalk beta tester you can help the Cafetalk team and the tutors make the improvements that are needed so you can have the best lesson experience.

What does a beta tester do?

  • Provide valuable feedback to new tutors in exchange for FREE lesson tickets
  • Get to use new dashboard features Earlier than regular students.

Who can become a beta tester?

You must be a registered student on Cafetalk and have completed 20 paid lessons or more.

You have time to spend a little Extra time (approx. 5 minutes) once in a while to evaluate tutors, answer surveys etc.

* In order to keep your beta tester status you will need to complete at least 3 paid lessons or 5,000 Points-worth of lessons per month.

Sounds good?
Then join us and become a beta tester!

Application Period
Mon Mar 13, 2023 00:00 - Mon Mar 27, 2023 23:59 The application has ended. Please check back again at a later time.
We currently accept beta testers for ALL categories. However, due to many new new tutors in the following categories, applications for students interested in ENGLISH, JAPANESE, YOGA, PILATES, WORKOUT or MUSIC lessons are especially needed.
  • Even if you sign up as a beta tester for certain categories you can also test lessons in other categories, if they interest you.
  • You can stop being a beta tester at any time. Please contact the staff if you would like to get your beta tester status removed.
  • 100 beta tester positions are available for this round.
  • The success of your application will depend not only on the content of your application, but your lesson history and primary categories of interest.
  • Results will be announced by email within a week after the end of the application period.
  • We may terminate the beta tester program without prior notice.

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