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kim Tutor Profile

Hometown: Seoul

Education: University of the Sacred Heart (Korea)

Came to Japan in 1989 and have been a Korean teacher since 2000.

Experience teaching at ECC World and Seitoku University Lifelong Learning.

Nihongo Kentei level 1, Practical Japanese Communication Exam level A


I'm Mee Jeong Kim. I came to Japan in 1989, and now, I am still living and teaching here. Right now, my students range from people in their 20's to people in the latter half of their 60's, so I can create easy to understand lessons that match your level regardless of your age. 

When I came to Japan to study Japanese, I strongly felt that Japanese and Korean were very similar. There were many times when I thought, "these words are so similar!" For example, the Japanese word for exercise, "undou" is "undong" in Korean, and singer "kashu" is "kasu." If you study while making these connections, I think you will be able to pick it up right away. 

Furthermore, thanks to the current Hallyu boom, Korean dramas and music shows are being broadcasted on television, making Japan a Korean-studies-friendly environment. 

Learning a language is not just about learning how to read and write. You must also learn about that country's culture, politics, economy, and so on. I would love to offer my lessons to people who don't just want to study the language, but also want to know more about the country. 

I hope to use my years of experience as a teacher to help many students learn Korean. Let's have fun learning!

English Translation: 7/4/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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