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Erika D Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Erika and I am excited to start working with you on your English skills. I am from Canada, have been teaching English for the past eight years.
I have always loved languages, and my passion and experience teaching makes teaching ESL a perfect fit.

I received two degrees in Education and began teaching English classes at universities and with business executives in companies all across Quebec, Canada. I also teach small groups of children and teenagers English, French and music - I love working on projects that require many subjects in order to master the English language.

Learn to speak clearly, confidently and error-free!
I have developed a strong methodology that works with students as young as four years old all the way to adults. My methods are based on building vocabulary, an easy breakdown of grammar rules and *a lot* of corrective conversation. I believe in a strong foundation and mastery of concepts before moving on. It can seem difficult to achieve, but I break it down into easy steps for you.

All students learn differently and have their own strengths and weaknesses. I tailor lessons and course plans to each student, and discuss goals with the student in order to get the best outcome.

I offer lessons to students aged 4 and up.

Adult lessons always include an oral test, an analysis of student strengths and weaknesses and a discussion of student goals and lesson plan.

Adult Lessons Include:
-Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversation, Beginners
-Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversation, Intermediate
-Grammar, Vocabulary and Conversation, Advanced
-Grammar Development Lessons
-Vocabulary Building Lessons
-Corrective Conversation
-Business English Lessons
-Academic Writing and Editing

These lessons will always include a short introduction in which I will assess the child's English level. Lessons for children can be one-time activities, such as "Interactive Storytelling" or "Grammar through Music", or can be part of a series of lessons in which we develop vocabulary and grammar.

No matter which lesson type you choose, I will spend time developing a course based on your budget, timeframe and goals. I will always work hard to create lessons that are right for you.

I look forward to working with you soon!

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