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Published 15 Jul, 2017 | View: 1247
¡Qué calor hace! なんて暑いの!! と感嘆詞を使いたくなるほどのじりじり暑さが続いていますね~ そんな暑いときに飲みたいスペインのトマトスープと言...
スペイン語を学ぶ目的として、スペイン語圏の友人と話したい、スペイン語圏へ旅行したい、(最近多いのは東京五輪のボランティアガイドになりたい)という方が多くいると思います。 誰かを迎えて、もしくは自分...
Published 3 Jun, 2017 | View: 1301
こんにちは~ 面白い動画を見つけたのでシェアします。 スペイン、アルゼンチン、チリ、コロンビア、ベネズエラでこんなに違う! 食べ物の名前 ;) 目的に応じてどの国のスペイン語を学ぶか、どこで...
Diez cosas que no debes hacer si tienes resaca こんなタイトルの記事を見つけました。 二日酔いのときにやってはいけない10のこと やっ...
最大30名!無料でスペイン語レッスンが3回試せるモニター企画がスタートしています! キャンペーンページのハモンバルの写真がかわいい♡ マドリードのバルですね~ 募集期間 2017年5月25...

Eriko_N Tutor Profile

¡Hola! I'm Eriko_N! Please call me Eriko.

After studying Spanish by myself using a textbook for complete beginners, I studied it in Spain for half a year. 10 years have passed since then and now I also work as a Spanish translator and interpreter.

I studied abroad in Burgos in Northern Spain, where they speak Castellano. Castellano is neither a dialect nor an independent language, but is said to be the most "accent-free" version of Spanish. I have confidence in my pronunciation!

These courses may be unsuitable for those who want to study South American Spanish. If you want to study standard Spanish (used in Spain), learning from a native speaker is also great, but if you'd like explanations in Japanese, please try my lessons!

After studying abroad in Spain, I have been working in a field related to Spanish wine for over 10 years. If you'd like to learn about Spanish wine or specialized words relating to wine, my lessons would be a great fit. Those who want to learn how to read recipes in Spanish or want to learn more about Northern Spanish gourmet (starting with Basque) are also welcome.

My courses are great for:
Students who want to start from the very beginning
Students who understand the basics but are having a hard time moving on
Students who want to learn words related to cuisine
Students who want to learn words related to wine
Students who want to learn Spanish they can use while traveling

I have all different kinds from of lessons, from to courses in grammar for those who want to study properly, to classes that focus more on communication and comprehension for those who don't want to worry too much about grammar. I also offer classes about food and wine that will teach you words that you won't be able to find in a textbook or a dictionary.

Spanish grammar is full of particularities that Japanese people aren't used to such as gendered nouns and detailed conjugations, so it is very important to:
stay motived to keep on studying
not worry about making mistakes
I think it comes down to these 2 things.

Always keep in mind concrete examples of why you want to study Spanish, what you want to do once you can speak Spanish, and what you want to be able to say in Spanish!
Be clear about what you want to focus on learning

Making mistakes is natural! Learn from your mistakes!
I have made a lot of mistakes too, but it makes me so happy when I'm understood. This is an important cycle.

Grammar can be difficult, but it is said that Spanish is the easiest language to pronounce for Japanese people. Let's have fun talking studying together!

We will be using an original textbook that is based on textbooks that Spanish learners in Spain use.

*These lessons are meant for students and adults (currently, I don't have any textbooks or class materials that are suitable for children. Thank you for your understanding)

<Brief Bio>
2003 Travelled to Burgos, Spain and fell in love with it
2004 Studied abroad in Burgos, took 1 on 1 lessons at EDE for 6 months
2005 Returned to Japan. Began working as a wine agent, acting as a go-between for Spanish wineries and Japanese importers. Now I work as a Spanish wine importing specialist, as well as a Spanish wine blogger, translator, and interpreter.
2010 Began offering Spanish lessons (6 months)

I have been going back to Spain once a year since I first went 2003 and I do research on Spanish wine and gourmet 365 days a year! I can give you recommendations on gourmet and must-see spots in Spain!

English Translation: 10/10/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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