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SMILE, because it's a beautiful day!

Hi there! I am Berni, a native Hungarian who can speak languages like English, French and Serbian as well. I am a TEFL certified teacher. I also have a degree in French Language and Literature. I've been working as an English tutor for more than two years already.
What I learned while teaching is, that having fun and being relaxed are the most important things when learning a language. So this is what I can promise you: we will have a great time. Time is too precious to waste it on being gloomy or bored.
I know it can be hard to learn foreign languages, but belive me, with proper help, it can be easier than you think.
I am really passionate about cooking, movies, music, playing my guitar, languages and many many things. Also hanging out with my dear friends is a great hobby of mine. Look at this photo! This was taken by my best friend... actually in secret... while I was watching the river near my house.

Friends are so precious in life. I'd like to make many many friends here as well and share our experience. Help me grow to be a better person and let me teach you some things that you may not know yet. Or just simply grab a coffee with me and go with the flow. You see? I'm already waiting...

Thank you for being here and checking out my profile. I would really like to meet you in lesson. Have a wonderful day.

And don't you ever forget to SMILE on this amazing world around you!

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