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Aroma Wax Course Completed
Practitioner Grade 初
小原流華道 准教授
420+Hrs Course Completed in Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese
New HSK Grade 4
Preserved flower Coordinator License Grade 2
Certificate of Preserved flowers
Diploma of Interior Herbarium
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皆(みな)さん こんにちは。今(いま)、日本(にほん)は 毎日(まいにち)暑(あつ)いです。皆さんの 国(くに)の天気(てんき)は どうですか?ところで、最近(さいきん)私(わたし)は「簡体字(かん...
『 please accept our best greetings for the hot season!』暑(あつ)い日(ひ)が 続(つづ)いて おりますが、皆様(みなさま)いかが お過(す)ご...
Published 22 Jul, 2019 | View: 105
皆さん こんにちは。私の部屋に「変わった観葉植物」があります。                  【 ミリオンバンブー 】                   【 サンスベリア 】      ...
先日(せんじつ)、ご当地(とうち)ラーメンを食(た)べてきました。 『酢(す)もやし』は無料(むりょう)で食(た)べられます。 面白(おもしろ)い看板(かんばん)もありますよ♪皆(みな)...

arikawa Tutor Profile

Nice to meet you! I’m Arikawa.

I’m happy to be able to meet you here on Cafetalk and I look forward to working with you in my lessons♪ I have a Japanese teacher certificate. What kind of Japanese would you like to study? I will customize my lessons based on your needs♪ Any kind of Japanese is fine. I will explain everything in an easily understandable way!

Let’s have a fun lesson together♪ Let’s work hard togetherヽ(^o^)丿

I look forward to meeting you in my lesson soon. Please feel free to contact me anytime~(*^^*)

【Nice to meet you! I’m Flower tutor Arikawa.】

I used to work in a flower shop. That environment allowed me to receive certifications in tea ceremony, flower arrangement, preserved flowers and Herbariums. At my workplace I took part in flower arrangement work. I signed up on Cafetalk to make use of my certifications and connect with all of you here.

In my lesson list I prepared a variety of courses. Starting my lessons here, of course I have to charge a fee, but I’m aiming to provide lessons at prices that are as reasonable as possible. If you have any specific requests for the lesson date and time, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Also, if you have specific requests for my flower arrangement classes, please feel free to contact me and tell me about it.

 ~Improve your quality of life by living with flowers~

  【Preserved flowers】

  【Artificial Flower】

    【Tea ceremony】

【Cafetalk Translation - 5/2018】

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