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ようこそ - Welcome


Take your first lesson with me, then you will know what I can do for you.  IELTS  or Job Interview coming up soon? - start preparing now !

Over the past few years I have enjoyed thousands of hours researching, preparing for,  and teaching students here on Cafetalk. I am grateful to all the wonderful people  with  whom I share this quest for knowledge and communication, via the  English language. I would also like to express my appreciation to the  staff who work tirelessly to bring us all together on this wonderful medium of learning, known as Cafetalk.

I have had a lot of success with students who feel they have hit a plateau, or glass ceiling, and need a fresh direction to improve  their English. My approach is to consolidate and build on the English foundation they already have, to identify and correct any weakness in pronunciation and to explore ways of moving forward within the individual student’s areas of interest.

Direct, everyday English, self confidence, presentation and fluent speech are the goal.

I offer English and Science classes for 6th to 12th graders and have received many favorable comments on how interesting and easily understood these lessons are. The “eureka” moment when it all suddenly starts to make sense and pull together makes all the effort worth while. I have been fortunate enough to tutor a young student who went on to win a national essay writing competition.  

Having worked for an employment agency and having accompanied many job seekers to interviews, I am able to offer an  “Ace Your Interview”  class. Many Cafetalk students who have  taken this class have  received good job offers,  once again  the  practical approach works.

Currently, when I am not teaching online here at Cafetalk, I am teaching IELTS exam preparation, face to face with local people, who need a top score to immigate or study abroad. On many occasions I have been encouraged by the measurable improvement that  my students have achieved.

 When you take  a lesson with me, I give you more than just the minutes you pay for, I give you materials, I give you follow up, I give you self study exercises, I motivate you  to do the self study - In return for my extra effort, I expect extra effort from you.

I have held down some interesting jobs, ranging from an analyst/programmer in the financial sector to a charter boat captain and a spcialist skills trainer.

Having travelled and lived in many countries (South Africa, Britain, Belgium, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Brazil) I am confident in my ability to communicate well with foreign students.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you.

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