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Tutor’s Columns

Columns from this tutor to Cafetalk students.
Published 19 Sep, 2018 | View: 956
곧 추석이 다가옵니다~! 저는 항상 추석 전에 전라남도 나주에 가서 가족들과 친척들을 만납니다~ 서울에서 운전해서 나주에 가는 것은 쉽지 않습니다~ 거리가 멀기 때문이죠 ...
Published 24 Aug, 2018 | View: 976
파타야 플로팅 마켓을 소개하고 싶습니다 저는 이 곳을 한국 시장 정도로 상상했었습니다~ 그러나 들어갈 때 입장료를 냅니다 그리고 안에는 제가 보지 못했던 새로운 풍경들이 보...
Published 23 Aug, 2018 | View: 991
방콕에서 가장 가 보고 싶었던 곳이 아유타야였습니다 머리가 잘려나간 불상등이 사원여기저기에 있습니다 특히 잘려나간 머리가 나무뿌리에 감긴 불상~이것 만은 가장 먼저 보고 싶었...
Published 22 Aug, 2018 | View: 1039
아침에 약한 저는 아침식사를 잘 하지 않습니다 오히려 잠을 더 많이 자는 편이에요 하지만 여행을 할 때는 될 수 있으면 조식을 먹으려고 최선을 다합니다 시원한 아침과 바다소...
Published 21 Aug, 2018 | View: 1175
파타야에 있는 깨끗한 물에서 스노쿨링을 하고 싶어서 선택한 럭셔리 요트~ 파타야에서 1시간 30분 정도 요트를 타고 섬으로 들어갑니다 섬 2곳에 들르는데요 섬과 가까운 곳에...

General Notices


I’m very happy to meet you! My name is Jini.

I’m really excited to be meeting you all in my lessons very soon~♬~♪~

I will make sure you will have lots of fun in my lessons! We can talk about things you like or are interested in (ღ•͈ᴗ•͈ღ)

My major in university was Japanese culture and literature, but right now I’m studying hard everyday preparing for a Master’s degree in interpretation and translation.

By doing my best everyday to achieve my dreams I feel a lot of purpose!

I will always do my best to improve the lessons I can offer you! If you are interested in my lessons or would like to take a lessons outside of my available times, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime♪

  I look forward to meeting you in my lessons soon♪ ♡ͥ ♡ͦ ♡ͮ ♡ͤ

Personal History

While running my own Japanese school in Chiba I taught Korean for four years, and since coming back to Japan I’ve been teaching Korean online for about three years to Japanese students.

My Interests & Hobbies

I love comparing Korean and Japanese culture, peeking at my friends’ fun lives through Instagram and of course travelling, swimming, Yoga and walking my dog~

About my lessons

Whether you are just starting out with Korean or are already studying, I will do my best to support you with all I’ve got!

You never have to feel shy about making mistakes in my lessons. Let’s just talk a lot and I will make sure you’re going to level up your Korean skills! I will make sure to adjust the lessons to your pace and provide fun lessons for you, so don’t hesitate to book any of my lessons.

For beginners who speak Japanese I can provide explanations in Japanese, and for intermediate students upwards I will explain things clearly and simply in Korean.

I look forward to get excited talking with all of you soon!!


【Cafetalk Translation - 9/2017】

Featured Interview

Q. Jini先生、まずは簡単に自己紹介をして頂けますか? A. アンニョンハセヨ!カフェトークの韓国語講師ジニです。 私は現在、ソウルの東にある京畿道(キョンギド)の河南(ハナム)市に住んでいます。河南(ハナム)市にいらっしゃる方は、ぜひ声をかけてくださいね。(^^♪) 私は高校の頃、第二外国語として日本語を選択しました。 フランス語もありましたが、フランス語よりは簡単だろうと思ったので選択しました。ですが日本語も覚えることがたくさんあってお手上げ状態で、成績もクラスの中でとても悪かったです。 大学時代に友達と日本へ旅行に行った時から日本の魅力にはまり、改めて日本語の勉強をし始めました。その結果、今では漢字が得意になり日本語が韓国語のように聞こえるようになりました。でもまだ日本語の勉強が足りないと思うので、毎日楽しく日本語の勉強をしています。 Q. 今は韓国にお住いのようですが、以前は...

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