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¿Conoces los siguientes platillos mexicanos? ¿Has probado alguno? ¿Cuá...
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Hola, ¿Te gusta ir a la playa? ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que fuiste?...
Published 2 Apr, 2018 | View: 775
Hola,  ¿Cómo están? Yo estoy un poco enferma de tos es por eso que he...
Published 25 Mar, 2018 | View: 812
Hola,  ¿Cómo están? Hace cinco días comenzó la primavera....
Published 14 Mar, 2018 | View: 892
Dear students, I have modified all my lessons. Since these are new and renewed lessons, I would li...

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Angie Tutor Profile

Hello everyone! My name is Angie. 

I studied Pedagogy and at the end of my academic career, I received a Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I started tutoring, and then I taught Spanish to foreigners at a university for two years.
Now, I want to teach Spanish online to be able to teach all of you, even if you are in another country!
In my lessons, we will work on writing, listening, reading, and speaking. And also, I will include topics on Mexican culture because learning a new language opens up a door to a new culture.
I like my lessons to be fun, so I will include games, songs, stories, etc. as much as possible.
My lessons will be taught in Spanish from the beginning, but I am a friendly and patient person, so do not worry too much!! It seems difficult at first, but we will surely achieve it!
Let's do this together!

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